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Game replica weapons

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im not quite sure if theres already a topic like this, if so then please delete and sorry for this post...if not than....


post any picture of a weapon you have that is in a game!


me first :P


MY gun (mines a CQB version):






PMC Mercenary




he copied me :P:)


no other way to put it, if you got a gun and made it into a replica of a gun in a game then post it here!


oh and leave the game title


mine is Metal Gear Solid 4

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Nice, where did you get that? And how much was it?


custom made mate. took over a year. metal body. adjustable stock and cheak rest ect. loads of work. and loads of money lol



m.thumwood - Could you not some how get the batt in the RS mag?


still looking in to it. might try and hide a bat just under the tac light. hopefully the light will hide it. if not i'll try something with the mag.

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