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Black Jack

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Please read the whole paper to before commenting, thanks.


I’m writing about a scammer who has recently ripped me off, I want to let everyone know about him so he doesn’t rip anyone else off. First off I will put his info first for those to lazy to read the whole thing just so you know who the scammer is

Name: Rich Campbell/Anthony Campbell

Addy:**** Natalie BlvD

City: Seaford

State: NewYork

zip: 11783

email: bustr5@***.***



AIM: spockeyduckes/urballsrshowing4

Known as SpockyDuckes on ASR

I have his telephone but I don’t think I’m aloud to list it, if you are doing a transaction with this guy ask me if it is.


I wouldn’t suggest doing business with anyone in Seaford who has a lot of guns etc. seeing as he does transactions through other people once he sees this.


Now to the story:


Sadly I don’t have all the chats but he does, he might alter them if he posts them, I have not altered mine, except when I try to talk to him and he is away and I add names near each one so you can identify the person who is talking.


It all started when I bought a WA xcelerator about upgraded to use Green gas for 180+shipping I worked very hard for that money seeing as I’m to young to get a real job so I walk dogs mow lawns etc. I got the xcelerator but I didn’t really like the feel of it and it was to expensive for me just for a pistol. So I soon started posting ad’s to sell it http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...75entry723775, it took me hours of working to get that cash, sadly the topic from which I bought it from is gone, but I tried selling it around april and sold it in April for: 1 CA33e, no flashider, 6 lowcap mags, aimpoint with claw mount, upgraded to 400 fps with area-1000piston head, spring guide, bushings and systema gears which I swapped out, also came with camo, gloves, hood, 2 batteries, a wall charger, and a sg-1 stock, the gun didnt come working as intended, and I traded my xcelerator and Deagle by KWC for it he included some cash. I opened the ca33e with Dan Shockely in July I believe, he found the problem which was a trigger switch, I had an extra one but I didn’t have it with me when I went to upgrade. I went home took apart the gun and put glue on the trigger switch since it wasn’t connecting to the electronics, But sadly I couldn’t get it back together, and the gears would lightly hit something, so I had to shave a part inside the gearbox down, many people do this and it does not affect the stability of the mechbox. Then I found an Ad by Rich Campbell it had guns galore http://www.airsoftretreat.com/classifieds/...duct=3457&cat=2 I emailed him and contacted him on aim about trading my gun, I wanted an m4 but he wouldn’t do it, so I asked about the marushin kar98k spring powered, he agreed, the deal was my ca33e, in pieces with some extra internals, 5 mags,1 battery, no flash hider, claw mount, and the upgraded internals, , I was about to send when he said he sold it after we made a deal!!! So he said he would trade an m1 carbine instead. I sent my gun and he got it, but he sold the m1 carbine to!! The reason I sent first was because he had good refs.


After he didn’t have an m1 carbine he told me that he broke the receiver tabs! and blamed me saying that I sent him it broken and he was gonna send it back. I sent it in pieces, but not broken, He even said it wasn’t broken. I forgot some parts, he swore at me. I sent them but he claimed I said I would add a suppressor i never said that, but I really wanted a new gun or my gun back. So I sent him the suppresssor. I asked what I could trade for, so I waited about 4 weeks for him to find a buyer or trade something. I said he could buy it for 250. He found nothing(probably did not even search) so I tried to find a buyer, I said he could send it back if he fix it because I paid 30 to get it there ASAP so I could get my trade gun in return. I found a buyer(JerryAgent on ASF) we found a deal of 270 but I would add the extra mag. Rich said he would fix it, but he never did, I asked him to send it to my buyer, he said he didn’t have money. If that was so how come that same week he put up an ad for an m14. How could he ship it if he didn’t have money? Finally after he sent the gun back to my buyer(I paid the shipping) it didn’t work. My buyer went to Xhado of ASF. Xhado looked at it, the piston/head was killed, the cylinder/head was killed, the hopup died. and the gearbox was cracked along with the tabs and missing body pins. He said it looked as if the guy hit it with a hammer or something, Xhado can vouch that I did not send it that way and has taken photos of it. so I had to refund my buyer 270, and I got my bipod(traded for suppressor that he wanted to keep...) it broke, luckily I have gorilla glue so I fixed the bipod. I will be getting pics of the screwed gearbox soon. It will cost over 200 to repair much more than what it is worth. Here are the chats: the S next to the sentences means it is spocky talking

Reconnecting to Spocks <urballsrshowing4>…



forgot to add

you are shipping the bipod with the gun correct?

s: no

umm why not?

I traded my suppressor for it

s: dude

s: honestly

s: no

s: im really ###### about this situation

umm honestly send back my suppressor than

s: no

why not?


s: i will

s: send it


s: stop bothering me

the bipod or suppressor?

s: something

well it should be either one of those please


s: igtg


5:10 PM


AIM IM with Spocks <urballsrshowing4>.

12:23 AM

hey when could you get that gun shipped out?

s: mb wednesday

s: tuesday ant comes home


that would be great

the bipod wit hit?

with it*


12:25 AM

s: hey I'm gonna hit the hay

but did you include the bipod


You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.

12:40 PM


AIM IM with Spockyduckes.

5:00 PM

all of the sudden he acts nice no clue why

hey send hte ca33?


I need confirmation for my buyer

my place closed early today

s: ill do it monday

s: or tmro

5:05 PM

ok thats fine

please get delivery confirmation so I can get my deal going

s: yea sory man


s: its together

s: its working

s: i put a flash hider on it

s: i had and extra on

s: i made it really solid


s: thanks man

if you can talk with him please do(ant his friend)

s: ok


5:55 PM

Spockyduckes has gone offline.


In this part I’m asking him to ship but he wont so I offer to pay shipping to get my gun back, but I can only paypal but he has no money, but I know he does since he put an ad up selling a gun



do you have a debit or something

ask your brother or whoever ant is to use his

s:dude ant doesnt trust you cuz you sent this *beep* in parts

s: im not sending it without payment

umm we agreed that I would


s: then your *fruitcage*ed



s: yo

sending tomorrow?

with delivery confirmation

s: i guess

ok because witok



chat with urballsrshowing4

without delivery confirmation I can verify that it's been sent

please send tomorrow


10:40 PM

s: k


please give me the delivery confirmation by tomorrow

so I can give it to my buyer

s: ok\

email it to me if I'm not on ok?


I need it sent tomorrow or my deal dies

10:45 PM



u there?

I g2g

still have the address?

is hte box labeled and ready to roll?

still have the addy>? i g2g so I need to know so I can send it to you if you dont


iu do?


good night

11:50 PM

You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.

10:55 AM

Reconnecting to Spocks <urballsrshowing4>…


did you ship it?

s: no im keeping it

s: yes i did

alright what type of mail?

s: pony express


s: 2-3 day


delivery confirmation?



11:25 AM

hey get delivery confirmation?

s: no

s: omg stop

hey hey man I'm asking because you didnt answer ok calm down

s: dude its getting there tomorrow


do you have the receipt so I can pay you the shipping plus money for hte bipod

s: 20 40

11:30 AM

s: 20 dollars and 40 cents?

ok I'll send you 25 dollars so you can have 5 to send the bipod parcel



s: my addy is

s: not on my computer

s: ok I'll email it

But I wont send the payment until I get confirmation that I got the gun

12:45 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

4:00 PM

You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.

8:30 PM

Reconnecting to Spocks <urballsrshowing4>…

hey did you send my bipod out?


8:45 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

10:05 PM

You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.

2:40 PM

Reconnecting to Spocks <urballsrshowing4>…


send the bipod out ?

s: yea

s: no


can you send tomorrow


6:55 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

7:35 PM

Spocks is now online.

8:05 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

10:00 PM

You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.

3:00 PM

Reconnecting to Spocks <urballsrshowing4>…


send my bipod?

6:00 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

7:20 PM

Spocks is now online.

8:55 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

Spocks is now online.

9:20 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

Spocks is now online.

Spocks has gone offline.

11:30 PM

You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.

1:05 PM

Reconnecting to Spocks <urballsrshowing4>…




hows it going?

1:15 PM

send the bipod?


3:25 PM


send the bipod?

s: i didnt get payment

uh yes you did

I have proof

We have the paypal receipt

so dont play that game

I sent it

yo ugot it

please send my bipod

3:30 PM

you did anthony sadi you didnt

well anthony is lying

I will send the receipt

if you like

s: i just called him he got 23 he didnt understand what the deal was

with paypal he thought 25 hes been at work

he got 25...

s: he said tomorrow he will ship




whatever we sent 25

you ahve my addy?

s: no

my addy: ben *******etc

please send tomorrow

3:35 PM

s: ok

6:30 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

12:40 AM

Spocks is now online.

1:05 AM

You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.

8:20 PM

Reconnecting to Spocks <urballsrshowing4>…

hey send my bipod?

8:25 PM



8:30 PM



9:40 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

Spocks is now online.

11:25 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

AIM IM with Spockyduckes.

12:17 PM


s: hi

the gun came not working



I will paypal you 25

please send the bipod

the extra 5 is for shipping


please send the bipod to me

I'll email you with my addy


I need your paypal

12:20 PM


s: ok

s: hold on a sec

s: wahts your email

s: your sn right

12:25 PM


s: i am goin to request 25 ok

I will email you with my addy


s: just type it here

s: ill write it down

my addy: Ben ***** etc

s: ok i sent out the thing

sent out?

the bipod?

s: no the money request


ok you'll get an email from mobile******


s: ok

s: ill talk to you later



12:35 PM

Spockyduckes has gone offline.

3:50 PM

You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.

AIM IM with Spocks <urballsrshowing4>.

5:07 PM



5:10 PM


hmm well in anycase I will be filing mail fraud

and giving you and your brother a bad name

6:45 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

11:55 PM

You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.

11:15 AM

Reconnecting to Spocks <urballsrshowing4>…


12:05 PM

Spocks has gone offline.

4:20 PM

Spocks is now online.

4:30 PM


please answer

well I will be ruining your name, and business by spreading the word on every forum of what you did



you pay up for the damages you ahve done to it

4:35 PM

s: wtf

s: dude

dont dude me you know what you did


i have a tech who can confirm it

the gearbox was cracked

teh hopup killed

the internals killed

the tabs killed and metal body

and other parts missing

4:40 PM

s: im not trusting what you say

your getting your bipod tomorrow

s: its *fruitcage* labor day weekend


the ca33 is totaly killed

s: i dont think so

err well my friend(tech) is taking pics


it's gonna cost 200 to repair

so I'm selling the gun for scrap

and losing money

I had to refund the one guy

either you hit it with a hammer

or dropped it

or something

I'll be back the 11th so we can sort this out

I wont post anything till I get pics up

which will be the 11th


s: wtf

5:05 PM




AIM IM with Spocks <urballsrshowing4>.

9:23 PM


I got the bipod

of course it broke but I fixed it

s: k

sadly if I dont get a refund of 200 I will be charging fraud

since it came broken


s: dude

s: your a ###### you sent it like that

hahah no

I have someone to vouch for how I sent it


calling me a ###### only makes it worse

s: vouch i have 3 people to vouch how i recived it

I will be posting your name and your brothers all over the net. You really screwed me over...

i s: m not aguring with you

oh really

s: my brother?

because are any of them known members on forums


that is not very believable

s: i dont have a brother


whoever ant is

s: yea hes not my bro




the guy I know inspected it is very reliable


I'm gonna start typing it this weekend

ive saved all the converations and took pics of your gun that you sent me

s: yeah me to

s: ok

You are getting a bad name for killing my 200 dollars hard earned cash

s: ok

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This guy has messed you about big time. Not only does he not send it for days on end, the kit is in tatters! $200 is a lot of money, I dont know the appropriate authority you Americans need to use, but seriously you need to get this kid sorted out.


Hope everything works out OK in the end.

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I am the other unfortunate soul to be caught up in this CA33E mess. Here is my complete side of the story with no bias to either SpookFish or Rich/Anthony:


I was looking to buy a TM G3, when Spook said he had a CA33E for sale at $270. Unfortunately I deleted all my inbox because it was full, but I will go from memory. The gun was upgraded to 400, with mostly systema internals. The stock had glue all around it (which when I recieved it I picked most of it off) and there was a lot of scratches on the top of the body, where somebody did a sloppy job of putting an HK mount on.


So I paypaled Spook $270. And waited for about 2 weeks, until he finally told me the whole story. Spook had sent the CA33E in pieces to SpockeyDuckes. SpockeyDuckes tech friend was going to put it all together. BTW his tech friend and this guy lived next door, and I was told by them that they run a little business out of there basement (AIRSPLAT LOL).


So I got in touch with SpockeyDuckes, I was very polite and businesslike with him. But if I even mentione SpookFish, then SpockeyDukes would cuss him out and talk about how SpookFish is a "F***IN SCAMMER".


I don't remember the specific date (late July-early August) when I wanted a refund, I had payed SpookFish June 12th, and all it had been was delays, delays, and more delays, from both sides. So I was getting angry that Spook was not refunding me and saying the guy would ship it next week on Friday.


That Friday, the guy said he would be able to ship it by next week Thursday. I didn't believe him at all. He said Anthony (the tech guy) was on vacation and would be back Tuesday to finish putting the gun together.


Now heres the part that did it to me. I SPECIFICALLY asked how the performance of the gun was 3 WEEKS EARLIER. And after a long wait, SpockeyDuckes just said "fine". Later I asked him the same thing and he just said, "fine" again. Well later he says the gun has not been assembled yet. Contradiction???


After I found out about the whole bipod deal, I tried reasoning with the guy, I was on his good side. He claimed that SpookFish was a scammer and he wouldn't give him anything.


Well days passed, and no gun. SpockeyDuckes now claimed he didn't have any money to ship the gun, shipping was $20.75. SpookFish had priority mailed it to him for $30, and now he wasn't paying it back. Spook and I were so frustrated by then that we were going to split shipping charges between us. The guy said he wan't going to ship it because it was over $20 and he didn't have any money. He asked for $25 when shipping was only $20.75...


I was seriously just minutes away from getting refunded when the gun arrives out of nowhere. By then, I was half relieved and half angry. So, seeing the gun was more beat up then the one I saw a picture of, I knew somebody had abused this poor CA33E.


I charged up the battery, plugged it in, and fired... nothing. The gun had come broken. When I mentioned it to Spook he told me it was the trigger switch, it was either missing or not placed correctly. I talked to Xhado, and we made a deal that I would go give the gun to him and Spook would pay for the missing part(s).


Heres something disconcerting to me. When I got the gun, the flash-hider was spray painted black. How the heck did this get through inspection? I think SpockeyDuckes purposely sloppily painted it back so that the gun would get seized, and he could claim he shipped it. Somehow, I still got the gun.


So I go to Xhado's house, and I had to wake him up at 11 AM (shame on you). We opened up the gun, and Xhado took one look at it and just winced. Besides the fact a metal bracket holding the foregrip on had snapped off, the selector switch was missing on one side, the gearbox was in BAD condition.


I learned a day later that after examining the rest of the gun, repairs would cost $204. That was way more than Spook would pay. So I asked for a refund. I believe it was on Monday when I asked. Spook told me his dad would refund me the next day. I waited... no refund.


I heard that Spook was scrapping the gun and selling the pieces seperately, so my first thought was that he was going to sell it before he refunded me,making me think he had spent my money on something and needed a quick and easy way out.


I emailed Spook, I pmed him, I called him, no answer. Xhado didn't know what was going on either. A week later, I filed a report with PayPal for a refund. I got it in an hour. This was nearly 2 months after I first gave him $270.


Apparently SpookFish had gone to NY for a week to help with 9/11 victims. Without telling me. He says he told Xhado, but Xhado didn't know a thing.




So that is my side of the story, minus a few things that I don't have time to right. Forgive me if my record is not entirely accurate, it was all from memory.


So heres what I have to say (now with bias):


SpockeyDuckes: BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD. He scammed Spook for a bipod, he put together a gun and abused it, when he lied and said it wasn't assembled, his overall conduct was not very business-like, he swore, lied, and cheated. (Even a 14-yr old like me can do better than him.) I would never do business with him ever again, nor would I suggest anybody else to do business with him. Avoid him completely.


SpookFish: In the beginning, he kept some things from me, such as the fact that he didn't have the gun he was selling in his posession. I don't think that was a very good idea. He was very communacative, we filled up my inbox talking about the CA33E. To say the least: I made friends with him. I think he should've made sure we knew he was going to NY for a week, or at least tell his dad to refund us and make sure he did. As the story was revealed and the plot thickened, I resolved I would help Spook anyway I could to get this thing over with. I would do business with SpookFish again, only if I KNEW he had what he was selling, and that he wasn't going on vacation. Overall good person.


Xhado: Xhado came in late in the story. He examined the gun and told me what was wrong with it. Simple. When Xhado and I didn't know that Spook went to NY, he said that he would withhold the gun from Spook and everything with it until I got refunded. I have to thank him for that, it put my heart at ease. Good business-like manner. He was usually on AIM so that's when we talked most of the time. Good communication. Kudos to Xhado.



Theres everything I can think up of right now. Draw your own conclusions, it shouldn't be too hard.


BTW the story ends happily ever after because I used the $270 and a little more to buy a CA SAR Taktik and battery. So I'm happy.




I would like to add I did tell him that the gun was at a guy in NY's house and it was gonna be shipped to him, and I emailed my dad telling him to refunud him before I went to help 9/11 victims, but he was really busy as well and I had no internet access

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Wow... well dude maybe its karma for trying to sell that xcelerator for more than you paid for it :P

But in all seriousness nobody deserves to be shafted like that, there were some questionable decisions on your part (such as not mentioning you didnt have the gun to your buyer) But from what Im reading spocky still comes out as a big *beep*. Definately gunna be avoiding him thanks for the heads up.

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I posted this over on ASR, but people here should read it too:


listen, i know rich personally. he does all my technical work with my guns and i can personally vouch that this guy (blackjack) needs to get his facts straight. I was at rich's house during the time of this transaction over a period of time. He recieved the gun in parts, seperately and tried his best to fix the damn thing. This kid would wait weeks before sending another part too. You have no right to be slandering him since he tried working with you, but its hard to fix a gun when its in parts. He has my M4 right now, and is reassembling it as i type this. BlackJack needs to get his facts straight before attempting to slander a good businessman. By the way, rich and anthony arent brothers.

EDIT: Also notice how this kid hasnt produced any pictures yet either. I saw this gun, it was RECIEVED by rich in pieces.

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I posted this over on ASR, but people here should read it too:


listen, i know rich personally. he does all my technical work with my guns and i can personally vouch that this guy (blackjack) needs to get his facts straight. I was at rich's house during the time of this transaction over a period of time. He recieved the gun in parts, seperately and tried his best to fix the damn thing. This kid would wait weeks before sending another part too. You have no right to be slandering him since he tried working with you, but its hard to fix a gun when its in parts. He has my M4 right now, and is reassembling it as i type this. BlackJack needs to get his facts straight before attempting to slander a good businessman. By the way, rich and anthony arent brothers.

EDIT: Also notice how this kid hasnt produced any pictures yet either. I saw this gun, it was RECIEVED by rich in pieces.


Once again I will prove you wrong like I did in the other thread:


1. so you are saying you were at his house 24/7 for 4 months+?

2. We agreed that it would come in pieces

3.tried working with me? When I told him that he should put it together since he was jerking me around, broke the tabs, and wasted my 30 dollars shipping money he said okay. 1 day later he said he was sick of this *beep* and didnt want to do it...

4. Here are pics




It all started when Spook asked me if I could help/teach him how to upgrade his G36K (I’m the Dan mentioned in the first post BTW). While he was shimming his gearbox, I checked out the CA33E, which was having trigger problems. I opened it up, noting to spook that the two screws that attach the grip to the bottom of the gearbox were both badly stripped, and needed to be replaced.


When I opened the gearbox I discovered it was a TM M16 gearbox, with metal bushings, new spring, piston and piston head. The piston head had bearings, and looked to be a systema. This was better than just the normal piston head that spook was going to put in his G36 so we salvaged that. The problem was the trigger wasn’t catching the plastic part of the trigger switch, thus the connection wasn’t being made. I advised him on how to deal with it, and seeing his ability to put together the G36 box (with my help) I was confident he could do the same when he had the parts.


Several months went by, and through a lot of AIM conversations it ended up that Jerry was to drop off the gun to me, I was told that the trigger still was not working, and that the metal body was broken. Spook said he would cover the charges to get it shipped.


Shoot forward a handful of weeks and I am woke up at 11am (Im a college student, what do you think I would be doing on a Saturday?) and my half naked self dragged myself to the door to let Jerry in.


After a looking over the gun I noticed several things


The body was busted like Spook had told me, but the broken off tabs were no where to be found.



When trying to get to the gearbox I found 3 Darn near impossible to remove stripped screws. Two were the grip screws, which I told spook to replace, and one was the mag release screw.



Gearbox was cracked.



Upon opening it, there were several problems. First the piston head had these two Vs cut into it, looks like an attempted port mod but they just killed the compression. The piston head was not the aftermarket (Guarder or Systema) piston head that I told spook to put in.



The nozzle was mangled.



The pinion gear had started to show signs of wear.



The hopup had a hole in the side of it, believe it or not, and the rubber was very old brittle and cracked



The piston had heavy wear on the teeth, probably because of bad shimming.



The selector plate had alor of wear, it looks like its about to break. The selector spring was missing as well



Various pins and other small things were also missing. In order to fix all these problems, it was going to cost something around $150, plus HK shipping, plus my work fees.


more pics


some may be the same















I think I have enough photo evidence



Chew that over Mr. Hugh Jass

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not to Necro-post or anything, but he's the same guy who stole my Mk23 in 2006 and he is currently using the username of bigguyairsoft here on Arnies as well checking his old Bustr5 username.



My Sales thread


Him trying to sell it off again

(without KA KAC suppressor + adaptor and BHI SOCOM thigh holster)


Edit: Mk23 also came with BHI suppressor/pepper spray pouch

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Comments added to both accounts to give potential viewers/buyers the heads up.


bigguyairsoft profile - http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...?showuser=30894

bustr5 profile - http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...?showuser=19270


Would it be possible for a Mod to check the IP just to make sure there isn't any more accounts? I've got a bad feeling that this kid is going to be the American version of Neil Potter.

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