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A proper thanks to our mods and admins

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:rofl: I would bet REASONABLY one of these ways:


1) You know Arnie or are related to him.

2) You have been a member (and a good one) for a reeeeeeeeeally long time (Thus I dont see why Sledge isn't a mod...)

3) You do what Marlowe said! :P (dang, now I have do decide between the quote already in my sig, or that one...)

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Cheers for the vote of confidence all - it is much appreciated.


I personally can only apologize for my own recent absenses from the forums but I am hoping to get stuck in more in the very near future.


And to that end - 101matt1 - your signature is too big (as is yours cllwayzata2011 and Crispin1025). Shorten them at the vertical asap or suffer a severe slapping with either a wet trout or a "care-bear" soaked in diesel :D


(sorry, couldn't resist) :P

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