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Armalite Picture Thread

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The barrel mounted GL doesnt need any heatshield to attach. You can use the stock upper handguard as seen in the top pic I posted. If you got a rail to put on your lower handguard you would want to buy the RIS style GL not the barrel mounted as seen on mine.


There are several railed hand guards you can get that accept barrel mounted M203's. With the QD clip, you can easily replace the launcher with the lower rail. I highly recommend the DD RISII...you can detach the M203 and replace the lower handguard in seconds. Also, with the M203 attached, the barrel remains free floating.

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I'm getting rather tired hearing how much you want to have sex with everyone, Bunny.


Anyways, back on topic. I've always liked your paintjobs, Souske, and I especially like this one for it's "real" factor. I have to remember to do this to mine. I think one flat color would be awesome, because I know how clean you'll make it. Can't wait to see it.

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that heatshield is RS right? how did you mod it to fit?



Yes it is RS, it only took a little dremeling to the outside of the end that mates with the delta ring for it to fit properly into it. It's not made of metal, so dremeling was easy.



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Wow, lol.  Was I supposed to take that as an insult or praise?  :P



Souske thats praise. And for anyone (you know who you are) that didn't get the sarcasm of my post. That means I really like all that Souske does. Not, that I actually want to have sexual intercouse with him or any man

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I was a bit bored and snapped a new batch of photos. The excuse behind it is that a friend has left his M4A1 SOPMOD with me for minor repairs and rewiring.


Okay, I think you must be pretty bored with that C7 by now, so Wraith's M4 is featured a bit more prominently here.


Usually, I'm not a big fan of carbine AR-15s, CA-made and "tacticool" in particular, but I kinda like this particular one. Nothing too excessive, and it's OLD. It's one of the earliest Classic Army AR-15s with a sliding (not hinged) receiver. It still has that early, cheap finish (gloss black paint) on parts such as the ejector port cover, but... I like it anyway. It's old, worn, beat up, but it's served him well for years now and has been through countless airsoft events, raids and operations. It feels like it's telling a story when you look at it.


What can I say... I should congratulate him one one damn fine gun :]










...and of course I couldn't help showing off my custom trademarks again :P

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