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Armalite Picture Thread

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Know what else goes good with Belgian camo?


Your face.


Gunfighters, thats such nifty looking gun. It even lights up.



Are you being Sarcastic? I sense your not...... But, I don't wnat to get into a ###### fit so I'll just drop it.




ASGI: Thats a pretty rifle.

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Nice, put a ACOG and an PEQ box on it now then you're set ;)

Thanks! But no PEQ is going on this one, lol, everybody has those. And I'm not too keen on taking the carry-handle (I hate calling it that, my drill instructor would whoop our butts for calling it a carry-handle) off so the ACOG will have to be the sort that mounts to the rear sight without the weaver mount. (G&P makes the sort I'm looking for)



Old pic of my upgraded R6 (350 FPS) and my M16 before the M5 RAS was added:


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my 'Race Gun'

it made a brief cameo in the sniper rifle section, but it belongs here.




and some video, cuz this gun just isn't wrong enough.





:o Awesome! I like the blinking lights.

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