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Yes, as far as I know I am the only one who went that route with the PTW. Most go modern. Most of the parts on both are real steel parts, including the milled out upper receiver and A1 grip. Really it's the barrel and lower receiver that are the only original Systema parts and the barrels have been modified. A lot of work went into these. As you may know, Systema doesn't make short mags so each one is a custom job made out of a real mag shell and a cut down inner mag.

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Yes the A1 upper is a real Colt upper converted for use with the PTW. You'll note the lack of shell deflector behind the ejection port.

Other real steel parts are:

Handguards, caps, stock and buffer tubes (both carbine and A1)

receiver cap and nut


front sight

gas tube

flash hider

delta ring and slip ring

charging handle


Turns out real steel parts are cheaper than airsoft parts too :)


@Slainte: nice collection in your signature!

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Nice work there SBranson23!


They are both G&P full metal m203's. I did order the shorter version but at the time wgc only had the long one instock, so i went with that. I play woodland too and the extra barrel length is more suitable.


Long it is :D cos i have a preference to that one too lol.

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I just got this done tonight. It's a prototype I have been working on for a couple of years (on again, off again).






This particular gun was inspired by the 9mm Colt subguns made by Total Silence and similar "tactical" Colt 9mm conversions. Modifications are:


Cut-down barrel

Cut-down front sight

Receiver modified by removing brass deflector and forward assist

Warhead 9mm magazine conversion

Real steel brass deflector

Cut-down dust cover


I built the upper receiver separately and then mated it to the lower of an A&K M4 with a crane stock.


All things considered, it turned out pretty well, but I am not too fond of the gap between the upper and lower. I think I sanded that out a little too much. My test reciever also has a broken tab, which could be part of the problem.


Like I said, this is a prototype that I did basically to find out how hard this conversion would be. I am thinking of doing this to as a complete gun with a little bit more care, possibly even trying it with a metal body.

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