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Armalite Picture Thread

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great looking casv, trying to make one myself....just wondering; what type of battery you put it there?

If your refering to this one then it takes an 8.4 mini in the casv, you can see it thru the holes in the bottom section.

Its a Dboys M4 casv and has the bottom of the outer barrel cut down so the battery will fit properly.

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Hey STUNTMAN, how is that rifle? I've been considering picking one up.




After some shooting tests, note 3!


In field.. next Saturday, but it seems go for Note 5!


It's heavy, full metal, well built! I changed the hop up, batery! With 9,6V 2000mha, the ROF goes crazy!


In Portugal i'm one of the anti-chinese guns, but i say now... give my money to these kind of guns... not all... some, like this D-boys!


Of course that my two ICS goes allways with me to the field!




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I've been playing with my Zombie Killer again (I swear I change the front end of this gun more than my bed sheets)

That'll do till xmas when I need the barrel for another gun.


Wow, that looks really good! I like the magpul stock, and I like the magpul in the battery bag! Nice touch!



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Classic Army M15A4 SPR

Everything stock Except the Spring

Modify M110

Unknown ACOG Red Cross

Spray Painted Black Bolt (because I hate the grey one....)


On The Way:

King Arms Hop Up Unit

Guarder Clear Hop Up

Element H Hop Up

KM 6.04 509mm Tightbore


8 x CA M16/M4 130round Midcaps


Thought I'd throw her up here :) Nothing that special. Shoots like every other US limited gun I've shot before... good range with .23's around 180ft, good enough for me :)

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