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Armalite Picture Thread

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My new "truck"...




Need mirrors to make the turns :P !


It's a M4A1 RIS from ICS, with Cheek pad, Hurricane 551, back "home cut" Iron sights, and one huge Socom supressor!




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My M15A4 Rifle, that stated out as a Tac Carbine.

Its in pretty good condition for being four years old.



Bought a broken RIS off a GR16 for $15, and ficed it up with some JB weld (after melting a hole in it with MAPP Gas trying to silver solder it :( )


I have to repaint that RIS, and buy some Rail covers...



CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine Base

GG GR16 Front End and RIS

6.03 Tn inner barrel


Upgraded Trigger, Piston Head, Piston, Tappet, and selector plate.

Surefire G2

Real KAC Vertical Grip (not pictured)



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technicaly the Sam-R has a KAC free Float RAS, with a KAC flip up front sight

Its more a m16a4 or sr16-M5 :P

more nerd points here, the term really should be' West Coast Sam-r ' because marine units from the west coast basically have use M16A4 but with a knights RAC on the front but thats it. its not the specialy prepared full Sam-r used by assigned units elsewhere.

i didnt know any of that, i ripped it off wikipedia.


i think its one of the best looking assualt rifles personally. i want to see more pictures of them!

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