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Armalite Picture Thread

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Some people shoot real guns, so they bought them for real steel, but throw them on their airsoft guns as well


Orly :P:D



but, Eotechs are great, they are made for quick target aquisition, and you keep both eyes open so your feild of view is great, Ie. Floating reticle





Thread needs more pics



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can someone telll me what the big deal is with the EO sights  i hear they are hundreds of dollars.  but what do they do for you?



I thing that each one of us like specific things.


It's like, why buy a Hummer, when i can have one Jeep? They do make the same thing, but some of us like much Hummer, other Jeeps.


Since i know guns i allawys love EO sights, but i the end i bought a Hurricane Replica.


I already have ACOG replica and Ampoint replica!


It's my personal taste in having one!




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may i ask what kind of surefire is that?

and what mount did you guys use?


and what kind of mount is the aimpoint one?


thanks a lot.



surefire m951xm07 or 6s with the pressure switch, and just m951's


Mount is a Wilcox Aimpoint mount


Proud makes a replica, but I dont think scooberoo has a replica Lol

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