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Armalite Picture Thread

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thanks alpha54. I shall get me some of that VFC hk416 magazine, they give a better look me thinks.


Agree SIRs are bit front heavy, so I like the fix stocks to hold batteries to balance things out. I think I'm going to order a boyi one now....

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ahh, i was gonna say. and i did... fancy that!


i was thinkin of getting a tm m4 sirs, and a hk416 metal body, but i didnt know whether they would be compatible..?


Unfortunetly not unless you get the Hurricane Adapter Set or do bunch of dremeling yourself. Boyi claims their M4 sir is compatible with metal bodies(except CA's) though.

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request: can some one take a picture of their M16/M4 with VFC's HK416 Magazine? (That is the only airsoft one that has the accurate HK M-series magazine shap correct?)


It's not airsoft, but head over to ar15.com and go to AR15 discussion>official AR15.com picture thread. A lot of people use the H&K high-reliability magazines in their standard ARs, and it will give you a good idea of what it looks like. Personally I think it looks better than the H&K mag in the 416.


www.militarymorons.com also has pictures of the H&K mags in normal ARs, check all of the AR15 sections.

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