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Armalite Picture Thread

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bilvo, where's the rear flip up sight on the top gun?  it would really complete the look.  or you could give it to me lol.


It's sitting around somewhere, the Aimpoint doesnt clear it. I'd have to move my optics further up and at that point its hard to see thru the magnifier <_< . Trying to figure something out though.

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NegativeCambre i love your colt commando, great work  :)


Thank you :D


It's been an ongoing project for nearly a year now, and has taken on more looks then I can probably remember. But I think this one will stick--I prefer non-RIS setups, as the environment I play in has no need for extras.



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what is that over the barrel???



As some other players said, it's from G&P (or G&G?????) and it's for safety.




How did that Stock Add on fit. Did you have any problems or did it need any mods? I was thinking about getting one but I had heard they don't fit most airsoft LE stocks. Maybe it was just the ICS ones...


My friend, i'm gonna tell you later, the stock brand.

I only know that in my ICS won't fit!

The guy o sold it to me, manage to got me anbother stock, but in this moment I don't know the brand!




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well, there is some progress still to be made :)



Yeah I still need my Carry Handle to be Chopped down. As well as a Crane Stock and a Paint Job. Got paid today so there ya go. I'd get the Correct Pistol grip but I don't know of one made for ICS guns. ~_~

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