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Armalite Picture Thread

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I'm bored at a commercial break for American Idol (yeah, I actually watch that show). So here's one of mine. The TM M4 V2. It will eventually become a Noveske 10.5" But until then it will be in a SOPMOD configuration (G&P R500 taclight with blue Surefire Filter, VFC RAS(eventually changed to a KA 10" RAS), UTG Vert grip, ECHO1 PEQ, Gemtech G5, G&P Aimpoint.




Right now it's got a Gemtech G5, Vert grip and handguard rail, Surfire G2 ghetto BHD style taped to the barrel. Next purchase is Aimpoint and/or RAS.

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So sexy, it crashed the thread... :lol:


As (sorta) requested - a pic of the M15a2 'LMG' with Aimpoint.  Not sure I like it...it sits too high and looks out of place.  Ah well, tell me what you think!




I think maybe it would be a good idea to just lose the Aimpoint for all good purposes ;). Maybe changing over to an M60 type bipod would make it look more authentic?

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The flash makes them brighter, theyre not as bad as that normally. The flash has also REALLY made the white in the FALINTIL flag (below the bipod hinge) really shine :( . Its white window cord as I had no paracord available. Thats guerilla pimpin' ;)


I thought that about the Aimpoint. Doesnt really look in place and I think adds weight for no advantage.


Ive looked at M60 bipods and admit I scrimped and went for economy with the RIS adapter. Im glad you mentioned it, Ill certainly check out that option deeper now.


I really want someone, anyone, to make a version 1 M16 LMG foreend. there is a newer version with an all-RIS foregrip but I dont want to add that much weight to the front of my gun. Cheers for the advice!

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Got a little bored tonight and thought I would snap a few pics. Mind you, I am no photographer so take it easy on me.


This is a standard M4

The lower receiver, stock, and carry handle are classic army and the upper receiver and front end is g&g.

Also added classic army vertical grip and leapers flashlight.



This is my Noveske Afghan located elsewhere on this forum but I figured it deserved a home here too.

This one's a little more modded. The only original items are the outer barrel and the metal body (even the

body pins are aftermarket). I was going for THIS look. The optic setup is a little more money than I wanted

to spend on airsoft so I went with this setup. I may change it in the future though for an ACOG. Also, BUIS

are next to be ordered.



This is my workhorse and the one that I use the most. It's a was CA M15A4. I added a g&p M203, leapers

flashlight, g&p ACOG, and g&g socom stock. The internals are entirely systema (including the shell of the

gearbox itself) except the stock CA motor and hop up (decided not to "fix" what worked).



Hope you like.

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You give me $230 for an SR-15 metal receiver and I will make an actual SR-15 that looks exactly the same as it does now just for you.

Would you be happy then?

I would rather pay $100 then $230 for the same look.


Dude, just kidding. :P I love BW guns, and yours is very nice. Are SR-15 bodies really THAT expensive?

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Dude, just kidding.  :P  I love BW guns, and yours is very nice. Are SR-15 bodies really THAT expensive?

no worries

The actual DTP SR-15 match metal receiver is $235 on dentrinity. plus about $35 shipping. so almost $270 for the body. One of these days i will get it.

thanks for the compliments

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