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CYMA glock 18c (version2)

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I have five of these CM.030's, one of which is from the first batch of V2's to get to the USA (maybe 4-5 years ago) and it is still working just fine. Other than cosmetic upgrades on one of them (rail system, holographic sight and flash hider on one of them), the pistols are all stock. They have un-told thousands of shots through them and are utterly reliable. The most I ever paid for one was $64.00.


I also own the TM USP AEP and it is a really nice pistol. A bit more accurate and much more detailed (but its over 2 times the cost of the CYMA!). It took over duty as my main AEP. It also just "gave it all up" on me yesterday after just over 1 year of pretty heavy use. Pulled the trigger and heard the high speed whirr of the motor turning at high speed and the gears just grinding away. Even after adjustment of the motor screw in the grip, nothing. Oh well, off to the spare parts bin it goes. Ordered a new one yesterday for $145.00 as I really like the USP (yeah I have a couple of USP GBB's, springers and some old UHC NBB's).


So, I broke out the old CM.030's again. Test fired them all and they all worked just fine. One of the pistols still had a battery in it and after nearly a year of non-use, it was still chugging right along for about 4 magazines full of bb's. Not to shabby.


I said it years ago, when I got my first CYMA CM.030, it may not be a Tokyo Marui, but then again, it's still the "best bank for the buck" on the market. Thats if you can find one (which I did this morning and ordered it for $65.00!)

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