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USP .45 inner barrel removal


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right so i got a new metal slide for my usp full size today. went to fit it and realised i can't work out how to remove the inner barrel.

i've searched and found loads of stuff about usp full size inner barrels but not actually anything on how to remove it.


i found ronburgundy's guide on usp compacts which would be so damn helpful if i had a usp compact.

my guess judging by the manual would be to knock out the small pin running from side to side (part no. 13) with an allen key like runburgundy does just without removing the screw as there is no screw. this guess is based on the manual but it's purely an educated guess.

i didn't want to just smack the ###### and hope, i wanted to ask and find out before i demolish it.


the other thing is i have test fitted the slide with the blowback unit alone and i know for sure i need a enhanced recoil spring. i'm think the 'proud enhanced recoil spring' will do the job (not that i need the hammer spring)

can anybody confirm that will do the job or maybe recommend a different enhanced recoil spring.


wolf has this



i'm assuming its the enhanced one as it doesn't specify


edit: just seen the shooters design slide enhanced recoil spring, maybe that one is a better bet?


thanks for reading


+1age to anybody that helps me out




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To remove the inner barrel from the outer you have to remove the pin as you suspected, just tap it out and then look at the bottom of the outer barrel, if there is a screw there then you will have to remove it (like on a USPc), otherwise the barrel should come out freely, then just remove the hop unit and you have your inner barrel out.


The pin (part 13) just holds the entire inner barrel in place through a grove in the hop unit.


Hope that helps.

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That is the exact spring that you need yes, just be careful removing the old one as the pin securing the end to the guide rod is almost invisible so consult the diagram. It will cycle with the standard spring but not as quickly as with the upgraded one that you linked to above, basically its the difference between a quick rate of fire and a rate of fire 'as fast as you can squeeze the trigger'.


Also it feels better ;)

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