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whiteboy M14

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ok I traded with this guy last week and I got my gun it looked ok except for one of the mags being completly broken .the next thing I notice is that the scope battery is held in by a few peices of paper stuck in it and camo tape holdin it in .ok so nothing I cant fix .next I go to take off the ris and I notice that the wires are complety ripped in half and theres electric tape on it .I open up to see the hopup and it's missing a peice.the scilencer is held together by gorilla glue (not as bad as I expected.)so beware him and his ways .his AIM is nickjboo7.if anyone has an comments about him please feel free to pm me .and now he has my 600 dollar M14 and I have *beep* for a gun

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the guy offered to give me back my m14 so delete this post and i guess he'sa an ok guy


This post should NOT be deleted. I've recently experianced the same issue with him. When I confronted him with the damages of his gun(cosmetically, internally) his vanity got hurt and he began emailing me with empty threats such as:


Filing mail-fraud(How? I have no clue)


Sending a collection company to quote: "remove the gun from my hands"


Prosecuteing against me in court


He also mentioned sending "whiteboy M14" to court, and sueing him for charges most likely unheard of. He's neive with all of his guns and also with the USPS and their services. He blames them for ALL of the damage, except for the internal-which was supposably done by me so I owe him 1.3k? I don't get this guy and his thirst for greed and pride. I'm sure there's more individuals who have been tossed around by this guy, they just haven't spoken up.

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