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Good Day Sirs!!!


After months of Hard Work, enourmous picture taking and write ups. We are now distributing the Philippine's premier airsoft magazine called " Airsoft Xtreme". Our target circulation is Asia and some parts of U.S.A.


We also would like you airsofters to participate in the magazine by writing an article, submitting your war stories, photos of your team, reviews, DIY, etc....




for more information, please visit our site:

Airsoft Xtreme


Thank you :)

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Looks great! I'll see if I can pick up a copy sometime.


However, if you're going to be selling this - I very much think that asking people for content without payment is a bit unfair.


thanks darklite :)


as for now, circulation is still limited in our country and some in hongkong. in the next issues, we hope to reach some asian countries and some in the USA.


we are not a big publisher :D just common airsoft players who wants to share some airsofting infos thru print media. if the mag clicks, we can arrange for something in return :)


meanwhile we are also looking for filipino players and teams, abroad , who can share some stories that we can publish on the coming issues.

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Greetings sirs!!!


We would like to invite you guys in participating in our very own Airsoft Magazine called " AirsoftXtreme Magazine" asia's premier airsoft magazine.


We just launched the first maiden issue last october of 2006 and it was highly appreciated by airsofters here and abroad.


If you happen to have some airsoft articles about your team, big event games, recent action shot pictures or anything you wish to contribute to our magazine, kindly email it at:



you can also visit our website at www.airsoftxtreme.net


Here's the 2nd issue of Airsoftxtreme Magazine. We are also happy to announce that Airsoft Xtreme is currently being sold at Echigoya, Japan. Redwolf International si already promoting and distributing the magazine all over HK as well as in U.K.



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Good Day Sirs,


AirsoftXtreme Issue # 3 and the succeeding issues of AirsoftXtreme International magazine is now here in the UK soil !!!!!


We are now making progress to give you a better, less advertisement, airsofters around the globe and more gun reviews....and of course Girls in Airsoft!!!!




108 pages of pure airsoft Fun!!!



You can now order at www.6mil.co.uk and www.airsoftxtreme.co.uk



Grab a copy now!!!!

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