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Pics of airsoft with pets/animals

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He looks like he wants to bite anyone who might touch or take that G3... :huh:


:) Nah that is his happy face. When he is trying to look tough he'll pin his ears back, and his nose will wrinkle up. :) He is actually a really sweet dog, loves visitors. Very protective of little kids, myself and my wife, but as long as we are in good spirits with people around us he is ok. He did almost get me a lawsuit at a petstore when another dog growled at my wife. But hey he was doing his job. :)



not my kid but a friends. :)

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MK1 Mod 0 Tactical Infiltration Unit / Feline



Now all I have to do is fine a Molle GP pouch the right size ;)


I'm thinking of posting him in the latest aquisitions thread too, but it might ###### the geardos off (he's 2 months old, and we've had himfor 3 days :D )


Behold, ACU naysayers. It totally works in feline environments.

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Man, I wish my camera worked.  I've three cats.  Stick an empty box around them and whammo.  Better than catnip.





My wife will buy those sticks with the flippy things hanging off of a string for them to play with. Half the time they look at her like "What would I want with that?"


But leave a box, laundy basket or paperbag out and - CAT PARTY!!!!

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