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Are hurricane m4 hop chambers any good?


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ok quick techie question guys


ive got some external parts coming to me from uncompany. one of which is a hurricane m4 metal body that comes with a hop assembly.


basically the body is going on a ca cqbr and i would like to know whether it would be better to use the new hurricane chamber/assembly or just stick with the CA one.


i've got a new guarder bucking so that will be going in anyway so its just a question differences if any between chambers.


any help would be greatly appreciated




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Using a solid hop up chamber changes the way you take the gun down. You remove the front pivot pin (the rear pin only if you have rear tabs). Then slide the upper receiver forward off the gun. The charging handle needs to be retracted a little bit, and mind the wires if you have the battery in front.


There's a thread about modifying Hurricane and Guarder receivers for this kind of takedown, like G&P and CA have normally. I've posted there so you can use my nick as a filter to help with the search function.



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