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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Aye its one of the two aegs i always recomend to new players.


G36c or Ak47 fullstock.


Cant go wrong with either really.


The AK has the added advantage that wiht the exception of pre 1950 or police loaoduts nearly *every* other loadout can justify one fomr thirds world guerilla to modern SF using local weapons for logistics issues.

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I love the Inokatsu AK47, still looking for one. Also, it's too bad the Inokatsu gearbox isn't so great compared to price. I've talked to them and all they say is they have improved it.


Some of mine: VFC AKS74U, Guarder AKM custom, Guarder Type 56, Inokatsu AK103





Not pictured: Guarder AKM custom to AIM, Guarder AKS74


Probably going to go buy a Unicorn AKS74U soon, very cheap in Taiwan, then an Inokatsu M60.

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You got a kit loadout for everything doncha, gadge?



Well at last count i had the following loadouts...


Chechyna MVD Urban

Chechnya rural MVD spetsnaz

Modern CIS Russian INf

Russian Border Guards

Russian Afghanistan 1970s

Viet cong

US Special forces vietnam

Us Rifleman vietnam

DDR Border guard

Modern UK inf Europe

Modern UK inf Desert

WWII UK Line inf

WWII UK South Staffords Airborne

WWII UK No2 Commando

WWII UK Essex Reg. Chindit

WWII Axis Brandenburg Comando

WWII Axis 2nd Panzer Div

WWII Axis Grossdeustchland panzer leutnant

Generic police/swat black kit


And given the impetus i can probably cobble together a loaodut out of that lot for most games that might require a theme.


I've been collecting militaria since i was 13 and i'm 32 now so i've aquired a house full of kit, i did have a complete bundeswehr loadout too but i sold that with my G36

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Nice Ak's thegunrunner :D


Fin that wood looks alot better!


Ive been thinking of getting a ACM SU for friends and stuff cus i cant let my friends borow a Inokatsu they just brake it XD so wich ACM SU should i go for? Wich works best out of the box and have metall body?

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at the moment i'd say unicorn with cyma internals. it will (obviously) perform as well as the cyma but it will be all steel.


however, the Dboys looks like a 100% VFC clone. fin has ordered one as far as i know so i guess we can find out if it fails or not. if it turns out alright i'd go for the Dboys, its a proper VFC clone by the looks of it

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Its damn effective and much better than a conventional ghillie as it doenst snag on branches and brush and the mesh base means its not too hot.


I'm actually waering it over urban blue tiger stripes there and you cant tell even thugh its a mesh base on the leshy.


I love it.

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