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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Anyway My plum AKS with Plum bayonet

and my kalsh AKSU (with a new bolt), you can also see the handguards are darker in this pic. The grip on it used to be a element brown one but the work i did on it makes it lok the right colour (cant really see in pic)


Where did you get the bolt? Cause it´s not the Guarder one, right?


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here's my rk02 with some weathering.. i didn't want to over do it. i still have to sand it a bit more to subdue the nicks and scratches. but all in all i like it :D


the gun


business end


handguard with some scratches (need to subdue more)


the receiver shot w/ flash


the receiver shot w/ natural lighting


the pistol grip...



here is my reference: http://www.avtomats-in-action.com/pro17.html

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so you basically payed around 40 pounds for a new bolt? i guess one could put the broken one in the other ak and use it as a backup or loaner or whatever. i wish someone would make good aftermarket bolts..

how sensitive is it really? do you think it´s possible to weld the broken part on again?


UNLESS you meant that you got a new kalash BOLT from rsov, wich you probably did. so rsov is willing to send you new bolts? that´s good.

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Silly you :rolleyes: I just got a new bolt which was £5, its pretty weak my first one ripped off. Its made from really ###### metal, where the VFC one is amazing quality and im able to pull it back as much as i want. Unfortunately i cant with the kalash

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Yay got my AKMS from RMW today! :D My Realsteel russian wood havent arrived yet so i took the handguard from the AKM meantime and a RS romanian upper :P




And all my AK's ATM^^ Inokatsu and RMW and some RS stuff on



I luvh mah AK's! XD


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