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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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but seriously, the whole reason we (well, I) play airsoft is because it ISNT firearms.



Speak for yourself, I collect what I can't get in "real steel" form..





Edit: Guarder 04 AKM kit with econo furniture, still got the wood stuff packed away..

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Not an Ak-74 just because you stick another mag in it ;)

Though there was a single prototype which was basicly an AKM converted to 5.45..

Next purchase, definatly a GP25.. the blowback unit is just a gimmick which has a tendency to fail :)

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Not mine, I built the long one for a friend, 650mm PSG tightbore (into silencer), Guarder wood kit, Systema FTK in reinforced g/box, systema hi-torque motor + gears.


Bottom one is standard 'S' with paintjob on plastic grips and stock removed.




Edit; By the way, nice work Renegade. I particularly like the stock.

The standard stock is the one thing I dislike about the AK variants, always looks way out of proportion to me :blink:

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