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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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So the RS gas tube and slant fit on the ICS barrel perfectly? And everything mounted on the CYMA reciever perfectly? Will RS gas block parts fit on a TM barrrel?


Nope. I had to do a LOT of work on the parts to make them fit. And I'm using a G&P metal rear sight block modified to accommodate real AK foregrips, so it had to be modified slightly to fit the receiver. Trust me, there's a LOT of work there that you can't see.


RS gas parts will fit a TM barrel, but need to be bored out a bit to slide down the barrel.

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How much boring is required? Like just get a thick drill bit and drill a bit? And then could I just use a RS handguard with RS gas block switch? How much modded in time/hours/work do you think? Thanks for helping Plastic Mag!


I used a Dremel grinding drum, a sanding drum, and two reinforced cutting wheels and it took around 4 hours of constant work and measuring to get the gas block/gas tube fitted. Even then, you need to modify the airsoft rear sight block to fit the real parts. It's not exactly the easiest thing to do, and it WILL test your patience and your trust in a god.


That's 4 hours of hand work. For the rear sight block mods I took a drill press for part of it, but most of it was good old fashioned Dremel fun.

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Well, I am thinking about getting an AK, and I would want to upgrade the externals, but only a little bit of the internals. So instead of making a new topic, I am just gonna ask here. What is the best base gun for someone of really doesn't want to touch the internals to much, but wants to upgrade the externals? Also, for those awesome folding stocks in some of the pictures, where do you put the battery? I am assuming a battery pouch, but might as well get a straight-forward answer. Thanks for the help, and now to make this not off topic:



(Not mine, found it off google lol)

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On your own risk..you ak47fundametalist


I wanted too join the cloneclub.... c.m 028U+ and a small kit.


250$ for all, with shippment.....and thats for two different shops




My PMCrpk


km m16 barrel

lipo 11v2500 in the drum(wating for the VFC lipo stick;)

All will be painted






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Is it me or does that AK RPK just look enormous? Or maybe appslapp isn't a big guy...


I tried envisioning it even without the RPK kit on, and in those photos it still seems massive.


Anyway, nice gun, appslapp. Can you give some feedback about the stock. How it feels, operates, etc? As well as pics of the gun with the stock folded?

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If you are going to make a PMCrpk the

same way i did, have in mind that the

barrel on the cyma 028U is to wide to

use the rpkkit from scr.


I had to take an old TM ak47 barrel

and even then I had to do some metall

work to get the SCR kit to fit.

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