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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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I thought you didn't like blowback units. You said they were no good for full auto but ok on semi. Your mag gets posted today btw.


I don't, but I've messed with the internals enough that I'm confident enough in the durability on this one. In general, I'm not convinced that it's a perfect solution.



Where do you store youre battery when  you use auto back


Had you watched/paid attention to the start of the video, you would have noticed the battery is tucked inside the stock.


battery bag?


See above. I routed a wire out of the back of the receiver cover - the wiring travels through the blowback bolt, as it's still set up in an AKS configuration.

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heres some pics of the AK74, i need to re do the wood hand guards, there not installed properly.


heres the box for the Action AK74 wood kit, i was a bit disappointed that they hadn't tried to make it more like a 74, its just a TM with the wood attached.




both sides, no mag








With Mags


(CYMA highcap)




(MAG "Bakelite Midcap)





the pistol grip is the stock CM031 pistol grip, i didnt use the wood one as i dont like wooden pistol grips and it doesn't look right.

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Hi all.

Hope you guys don't mind me asking a quick question here.


I'm just about to buy a vfc aks74u and I want to know if the MAG ak74 midcaps are compatible with it.

I've read that TM mags aren't compatible with it and the MAG description says for TM gun so I have no clue.


Anybody had any experience with them in a VFC ak?


Apologies if this has been mentioned before. I've had a read of this thread and searched the forums but can't find any info on the subject.


Much appreciated guys.


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TM doesent make mags for AKS74U.


G&P makes kickass mags for AK74 series tho, they have 3 colors: Plum, black and classic bakelite.




btw im having this crazy idea for my AIMS, putting a dragunov sight and a pbs-4 silencer on my aims? Good or anal?

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Bowow little doggie ;)


Actually the other day i got pretty owned looking at a website with guns when i found a 7.62 chambred SU :o


LINK---> http://www.autoweapons.com/photos07/jul/1969ak.html


but if christhesecond desides to use ak47 mags i think he should also change the bolt like in the link cus VFC isint cheap and deservs some respect unlike those crappy china clones XD


And Hoppum since you know moore than me about ak's does it look ok with a dragunov sight and a PBS-4 on my AIMS? ive seen Inokatsus AIMS had a even bigger scope than the dragunov sight so it wouldent look that bad or would it?


LINK to the sight im refering to http://di1.shopping.com/images/di/51/5f/58...100x100-0-0.jpg


personally i think it would look bad *albatross* and overkill as a CQB gun XD

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