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I'm not quite sure where to post this, I think it's a problem with my eyesight and not a problem as such with the site...


I decided to sort out my profile, when I looked at it after editing it the 'additional information' section was empty, and I cannot seem to find anywhere to enter any additional information in.


I'm probably looking straight past the huge link labelled 'add additional information here' !! (if that is the case you have permission to put me up against a wall and shoot me!)


So if someone could direct me to where I can enter this information...

Thank You.

Edited by Ted
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The board has the useful feature of allowing the admin to add additional areas to profiles for users. So if I added "local skirmish site" as a tag, it'd appear there and then users would have the ability to fill in some info there.


At the moment none are added, so nothing appears in your profile to alter. :)


Hope that makes sense.

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