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The Complete APS 2/96 Thread

The Chef

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hey all, i just got a 2nd hand maruzen type 96, and i want to fully disassemble it for cleaning etc.


ive managed to get the stock off, but cannot for the life of me get the trigger (pss96 trigger) off....


i also cannot unscrew the barrel whilst the trigger unit is still in place, is this normal?


and are there any guides on how to disassemble the 96?


theres a vid on youtube, and its helpful but not fantastic...



thanks for the help

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I'm not too sure about getting the barrel off with the trigger still installed, but the pss96 trigger has two screws attaching it to the barrel assembly, one on each side.  Unscrew these two screws, then pull the spring guide up.  AFter the guide is up, the trigger should just come off.



ok, cheers mate, ill do it later!




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This is just to check that my Warrior 1 APS96 (?) clone is performing to the norm. I was at a 100m outdoor range and with the rifle completely stock on Xtreme .28s, weapon effectively bipodded (resting on a box with a mat on it) with the scope zero'd for windage and elevation with no hop for a 20m range.


I began adding hop to get it to reach out of 45 yards and was able to hit a torso (my arms and back was traced onto the target with a cross where my heart would be) sized target at this range.


Taking it out to 50-53m again I was able to hit across the arms and torso after tweaking to hop slightly, the effect through the scope was seeing the BB rise above the cross hairs and then drop to the point of aim and hit the target.


At this range I am noticing that the wind at the target end of things is something to consider as the odd air current was gliding BBs left or right randomly, all the others seem to stay fairly central and land on target with a grouping spread around the torso area


The way I see it its as if the accuracy of an AEG at 30m has been extended to 53m so I'm happy with the performance, although if anyone can tell me if theres something particularly wrong I would like to know

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argh i got an OK inner barrel today, and cannot install it properly..


i put it in seemingly fine, but then i couldnt get the mag release catch screw to fit in, and then when i tried to take the inner barrel and hop chamber out of the outer barrel, it wouldnt budge.


i really had to struggle to get it out..



also, would a PDI hop up chamber be any better?






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I am planning to upgrade my inner barrel to a barrel posted at:



The barrel has an inner diameter of 6.04 with a tolerance of .002mm, the outer diameter on the other hand is 10mm, this helps eliminate vibrations. I wonder if you guys have any experiences on it.


Your replies would be appreciated


thanks ;D


TheBauer: Thread Merged with the APS2/96 thread, please read the section rules.

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Kay, sorry to bother you all, but help here would be highly apriciated:


i recently got a teflon cylender for my type 96, but upon attempting to put the bolt handle/reciever block thing back on, there is a gap where there shouldn't be (between the cylinder and bolt), about a mm wide, that is on top of the extra gap there would be without the washer they give you. I can't figure out what the problem is, but it seems like the threaded end of the cylinder (aprox the same amount of space) isnt lining up correctly, or is too big to fit, despite all of my efforts. Has anyone had this problem/know what to do to fix it?


btw the gap does not exist between the bolt handle and block thing, but between cylinder and bolt.


just in case no one knows, does anyone know where i can get a new block thing that attatches to bolt handle?


help is sorely needed, and would be much appriciated.



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i spent 4 hours last night trying to fit it on and managed to minimize the gap by attempting to force it and then scraping off little bits of metal from the cylender and from the inside of the black box thing. I can now at least cock the gun, although it ring the olt vertical or pushing it down are not smooth or easy (comparing it to how it used to be).


here are some pictures of my problem:


...wont allwo me to add pictures... if you want i can email them or somthing.

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For anyone else struggling to find mag pouches that'll fit the awkward-sized L96 mags, I discovered that the G&P 40mm shell pouch I got with some M203 shells is actually a pretty good fit (and press-stud, not velcro). Guarder do a similar one, such as this which I suspect would fit just as well.


If anyone else has a good source of pouches for these things, though, I'd love to hear of them.

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Hey guys,


well i'll get to the point, i've just had my aps2 ex upgraded. But after i cock it, and return the bolt (if the barrel is pointing down a bit) then the bb rolls out the barrel.


I've been told its a problem with the hop up - which makes sense, but i cant find the hex screw to turn it on in the hope that it will hold the bb until i need to fire. :(


Any help would be appreciated!


EDIT: Sorry, I've sorted it now, everything seems to be fine. Man that took ages! <_<



Thanks :D

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Ok sorry about posting again. But i cant edit my previous post. It seems that what i thought was the hop adjustment migh not have been.


I cannot tell (as it is a small hole that appears to be a hex screw hole) whether i am in fact rotating this or not. But either way it appears to have no affect on the hop up. :blink: All i need to know is where the hop up adjustment dial/hex screw is located and how to get to it?


If Anyone knows about the aps2 ex's hop up then help would be much apprectiated!



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Turn the APS2 EX upside down with the magazine removed. Look inside the mag well and at the bottom front end you will see a tiny hole for your tiny allen key. Turn it clockwise to add more HOP. It revolves 2.5 times from fully off to fully on.


Your problem sounds like the HOP rubber (which is tiny and round) is perhaps missing or just not fitted properly.


My advice is replace the HOP unit and barrel to see large improvements in how the EX shoots. The original HOP is poor unless you spend lots of time mod'ing and fiddling. As standard it cannot achieve much HOP and therefore range is poor IMO.


Good Luck ;)

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Ah, thanks very much Bushman. Thats the dial i thought it was but i wasnt too sure and didnt want to adjust it too much incase i was wrong :blink: But yeah thanks i just tried it and everything seems fine so i'll give it a test shoot in a min. I think you might be right about getting a new barrel and hop up though, i might put that on the top of my shoppin list now! :P


Thanks again

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ok. i have a UTG type 96, i've been having problems with inacurate and inconsistent bb's - i.e, only 1 out of 4 shots is really dead on, the others get off, ranging from one foot to maybe two (by the time it gets to the target)


i was told by 'urpeacekeeper' that replacing the hop up rubber with a piece of velcro improved his guns range and accuracy, is that a common trick among snipers? if not, is there any way i can improve my sniper's accuracy?


p.s, - i'm using .3 gram bb's




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