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Star 85round m16 midcaps, any good?


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hi all

can anybody tell me if the star 85 round midcaps are any good. like do they jam like the g&p ones. or do they feed like a dream like the mag ones.




i have mag 100 rounders at the mo but due to a naff speedloader that kept jamming so i would force it, then after a while it would jam again and i would force it only to find that this time it wasnt jammed its actually stopped cos the mag is full and ive just over filled it and buggered the internals.

my own silly fault i know. so now most of them jam up worse than the G&P ones i owned and quickly got rid of.


i'd like to try the star ones as they have a slightly smaller capacity (i'm slowly weining myself towards locaps) and they are grey instead of black and you get more of them.


basically any words of wisdom on these mags (especially from experience) would be greatly appreciated.




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