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G&P M3 Taclight

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Here's a review of the G&P replica M3 tactical light module.



Introduction: This was (again) bought from the forums. Brand new though (thanks lushmonster ;) ) the batteries were unopened and was still factory smelling fresh :) I bought this to fit on the rail of a G19 frame and it looks satisfactory.


What do you get?: Included in the box is the M3, a pair of brand new Sanyo CR123A Lithium 3V. These batteries are included in every box (wasn't a freebie) and a spare locking arm (which locks itself into the gap of a 20mm rail)



Compatibility: It can be installed onto any 20mm RIS rail without any modification. Recommended place to install this is the GLOCK17/18 series. It sits flush against the end barrel and slide seen here:


M3 fitted onto front rail of a G18c


Here's a few pictures of it mounted to the G19:


remember the front end of the G19 is shorter than a G17/18 by exactly 1cm, the gap under the frames remain the same distance it and the trigger guard



M3 rail sticks out from G19 rail by exactly 1cm


Build Quality: I've heard bad things about the build quality of this replica. I can say yes and no.. Because the exterior build is decent, sturdy plastic that isn't fragile in any way. However the interior parts are IMO hotglued in a very clumsy way. But still, it does its job and everything inside looks secure, no loose wires or anything like that..


interior and gluemarks clearly visable


The bulb section is one whole unit when you screw it out. So when you unscrew it you get the bulb housing, bulb, lense, spring and mirror (don't know the exact name but it's the part that concentrates all the light into one spot)


bulb house removed from receiver, sorry lack of quality from my cameraphone means you can't see the hotgluing job inside the bulb housing


On/Off switch: The switch is located at the back of the M3 where the trigger guard would be. Can be accessed by right and left index fingers (as the switch can be turned up and down both sides). The switch can also stay in a locked position by pushing left paddle up till it clicks (right paddle can't be locked up for some reason)


switch in the on position (locked)


How powerful is it?: Well I certainly say it can dazzle your eyes for more than 10seconds if you looked directed at the beam for 0.3 of a second..! (don't ask how I know ;) ) It can light up a pitch black room no problems. The beam is flawless white, no dull orange nonsense like the "Walther" type range. The bulb gets very hot easily so short bursts are a must if you don't want the bulb smoking and burning out.


picture taken in pitch darkness


picture taken directly facing M3, dazzlness ^_^


Conclusion: Sturdy, very compact, very useful little torch that is essential for night games and places that stray in darkness. Can temporarily blind opponents, emits a totally perfect white beam which make normal AA powered torches seem like little candles! 100% clarity.

The only downside is if you're fitting it to a pistol, you'll find a hard time trying to holster it, unless you take it off (which is pointless..)


G&P M3 tac lights can be found in the following UK retailers:


www.zerooneairsoft.com - £70 exc P&P (not on their website, price quoted via email.)

www.wolfarmouries.co.uk - £69.99 exc P&P



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I hate that picture :angry: But nice review! Would you say it's the M3 replica to get? I've been looking for an M3 replica for my G19.

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