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Desert Eagle .50 Review

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Hi guys, here is the review I promised:



Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50 AE Hardkick Gas Blow-Back


I got the Desert Eagle on Wednesday after ordering it the previous Saturday. APC Overnight Couriers delivered the gun. On a side note, the bag the box was delivered in says ‘1 Kg Max’ and the gun itself weighs 1.1 kilos + all the other stuff in the box.


Anyway, the first thing you see when you open the box is the usual Marui stuff, a warranty leaflet, a thing about safety (the one with the kid and the dog) and five small targets. You also get the instruction manual (all in Japanese) and a Marui catalogue. Upon removing all of this, you get to the gun itself. I was with my brother when I opened the parcel, and his response to it was “Whoa, what a monster!” I ain’t kidding, this gun is huge. The gun and the magazine are in separate cut outs, which means you can have the gun and two magazines in the same box. As well as the gun, there is a little gap with about 200 0.20g BBs.


After prising the gun from its slot, the next thing that hits you is the weight. I have used several gas guns (M92, Tac Master, Mk.23 SOCOM, KJ USP Tac), but this gun out weighs them all. Strangely, most of the weight is in the gun itself, not the magazine. Holding this gun isn’t especially comfortable (not after using a Tac Master) but not horrendous. Just simple really. The handgrip is very wide though, so people with small hands may have a hard to hanging on to it. From the normal firing position, you can reach all the buttons easily. The middle finger is used for the mag catch, thumb for the safety and breach lock.


On to the finish


The finish is pretty good, with sharp, clear engravings and several metal parts. These include the breach lock, mag catch, hammer, magazine, takedown button and trigger. As far as I am aware, the engravings are real, apart from the usual ASGK and Toyo Marui lettering. The sights are adjustable, though with some difficulty. The sights themselves are appalling though. That may just be because I am colour blind, but if aiming at anything dark, the sights just vanish. I painted some white dots on them, to make them more visible, but it is hard to put a dot on the front sight, due to it being serrated. Don’t ask me why. The I.M.I logo on the grip is nice and clear, with the little letters easily readable.




The gun has working safety, which locks the trigger, and a full takedown system. I way be wrong, but the trigger is single stage only. It has a very short and light pull, and is okay to have your finger on for any length of time. When cocking, the slide travels a very long way; about two inches, and makes a very evil noise. This is because as you pull back the slide, there is a cover which remains over the breach until you have pulled it back about half way. I don’t really know why this happens, but unfortunately it makes cocking the gun quietly really impossible. If you try holding back the cover, then releasing it gently, it just snaps back in your hand and cuts your finger. To be honest though, if you wanted to be stealthy though, you should really be looking at a SOCOM.


The Takedown


This is where things get a little more difficult. Firstly, remove the mag. Next, push the button on the left front of the trigger. Whilst doing this, rotate the little catch on the right, forward about 140 degrees. It should click into a forward position. Then, push the entire slide and barrel unit forward and off. Once done you can remove the recoil spring by pulling the little tab towards the rear, and lifting out. Now you can clearly see the little breach cover and its spring. This is the interesting part. According to the manual, you can remove the barrel piece from the slide piece, though this is very difficult. It involves prising the two ‘wings’ inside apart, then pushing the barrel sideways, then rotating it 90 degrees, then pulling it out. I may as well say this, this is nearly impossible. I have done it once, but it makes some nasty clicking noises and bits bend which I don’t think should. The manual is no help, because all the warnings around this point are in Japanese.


I haven’t fired this yet, as I have no gas, but I am getting some soon and will update this.




I love this gun. It’s big, nasty and weighs a tonne. I like it because of the shear power this weapon radiates. Racking back the slide has the same effect on people as cocking a pump action shotgun in their face. It is very well made, has a sturdy construction and feels like it is a quality replica. This isn’t the gun for people who like subtlety. I am planning on using this if people get to close when I am sniping. The downsides are that after a while, your arm starts to ache if you are using it a lot, it is huge so you will have a hard time finding holsters for it, and the sights are awful. But in the end, these problems are palled by its redeeming good points.





This was just a quick review, so I apologise for any spelling mistake etc. etc.


Any comments on the gun, or my review would be helpful


Outlaw of Torn


PS: I will get some pics in a while

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They perform great. They certainly deserve the 'Hard Kick' part of the name. Also one of my more accurate pistols. If you want to double tap or fire long strings you will have to learn how to deal with recoil, most fun I've had since the goverment turned my pistols into manhole covers.


Great fun by one.

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everybody should haveone of these. ive had a mine a few months now, and its awesome. finally got some kills with it at the weekend, and it felt mega. it is so much more rewarding getting a pistol kill than a rifle kill, and getting one with an eagle just adds noise and evilness to it.





note* and you look like a proper rudeboy toting this thing :D

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The old one (which is pretty similar) was a big beast and surprisingly good (except for pitiful power).


I'm hoping TM WILL release the promised 10" and not go all faggoty and bring out a spate of AEPs instead...:(


Picture that - a chrome 10" barreled Desert Eagle :)



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I have the chrome TM Desert Eagle, and it takes green gas fine, it actually seems to perform better on Green gas than any other gas. And it is accurate, I shot at my bin bags with it, basically full auto, and the grouping was great, then I used TM's paper targets that come with it and I got 3 in the bulls eye and 4 in the inner circle, it was classic.

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