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Funniest Airsoft Moment


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well i'm going to put mine in anyway so you'll just have to put up with it, :P


sweeping the bushes along our site for the enemy team's sniper who was the last man standing so to speak - i go past a bush and here an ominous 'click' followed by


"OH F**K!!!!!"


it was his MAC11 which had of course jammed and failed to fire when i was to near for his PSG1 :P


oh that was funny - he thought i'd seen him.


well i thought it was and i apologise for this pathetic excuse for taking up server space ;)

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my funniest airsoft moment-


my mate who for this shall remain nameless- asked me to shoot him in the nuts with my new ICS m4a1.  :unsure:

so i jammed a mag into the well with excel .25's loaded up, flipped to halo sight.


he stood 20ft away and held is right nut in his hand, bare skin, i let one round on semi auto fly and he drops to the floor like a sack of potatoes barely breathing.

i've never seen a man in such pain.

he is the bravest guy i know.

needless to say they were bleeding alot, and swollen for a couple of weeks.

they also went a strange colour. :blink:


He can vouch for the accuracey of an ICS m4a1 carbine out of the box model.

you know no pain until you've been shot bareskin with an ics m4- so he tells me. :D

Ill pretend I didnt read that :nosleep::yikes:

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Who's the guy on the AG2004 vid that gracefully tosses the grenade through the doorway? He's shown in the montage before the interviews. That always makes me laugh. He reminds me so much of a friend it;'s unreal. He also goes all 'Miami Vice' with a Glock in one of the games :)

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funny airsoft experiences eh....


There was a kind of duel between me and a member of a rival team once. He shot and missed to my left, I shot and missed to his left, he shot and missed to my right, and I reflex shot him slap bang in the facemask that made him jump (and left a nasty dent, knocking the paint off the metal- thats a lesson kids!). The funny part was that we were less than six feet apart, and are both really good shots under normal conditions.


another time I was on the same team as the (soon to be) enemy- it was a three team game where two teams had to work together to get the flag from a base defence and then whichever team ended up with the flag won.


I was walking away from the (recently overrun and deflagged) base, being followed by one of the "alliance" team members, and got the distinct impression I was being walked into a quiet spot to be executed. I spotted one of the "alliance" team slip up the hill to my left and wait behind a tree to blast me when I passed it on the path. I queitly took out my trusty glock, stayed behind the tree, calmly turned around and shot the guy following me point blank in the chest, dived out from behind the tree, and put two shots into the guy trying to ambush me, then walked off to the sound of mumbled "bl**dy guns stuck".. "won't fire" etc. The look on the guys face who was following me- absolutely priceless.


Cheers to Bill- he took some nasty punishment from time to time, and never stopped coming. I remember when he took a .43 at around 450fps in the chest, and sank to his knees, gasping. There were two M700's pointed at him that afternoon, and it wasn't me who pulled the trigger, but he almost got the matching barrel !

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Ack forgot about this. It's not a picture, but rather a video, of my gear. I look cool for about...3 seconds...then I get shot by a Tanaka M700 from about 100 or so feet. The .36g BB hit me on the thumb, right before the finger nail. It was rather painful.


A little explination of the game:

It was very small. 2v2 with my dad video taping (you hear him laughing). I was in between two hills, in a sort of "valley" over looking the field. My team mate runs in after the sniper, I'm trying to cover him. The sniper is on my right, far right, and his spotter is directly in front of him. My team mate and the sniper spotter get in a firefight, BOTH call out. Me and the sniper left, I hear a shot from my left and so I go to check it out. I pop up, and he's even more to the left than i expected (right behind the camera man 10 or so feet).


I know the video is a little goofy... Enjoy it.




ADD: Give the video a little bit of time to load. It mostly consists of about 20 seconds of me screaming



Hmm I guess i could just copy this over to this thread lol.

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Just today when i was holding the flanks of my base, nothing was happening except for two stray noobies whom i dispatched very quickly.


Was very boring just sitting behind a tree so i deholstered my pistol and messed about with it, fired it of in no particular direction, "HIT!", some guy was about 30 feet away hiding in thick brush and he didn't see me and i didn't see him.

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Heh, three of my friends were just doing a little elimination match (2v2, I was the only one with an AEG, but was only allowed single shot). So, one of my friends is hiding behind a trash can (one that a garbage truck would pick up), and my partner and I would have missed him, but its kind of hard to not notice the barrel of a Super 9 sticking out from behind the trash can. Double bunkered him, I shot him in the *albartroth*, many times. It is quite hard to hear screaming while wearing a mask.

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ah guys, stop it.


you're making me miss the UK for reasons I never expected :(


All I wanna do is do something for the sake of comedy, but apparently, over here, thats against the law- not even all that sure if owning stupidly huge handguns is allowed, for fear that people might not think you're in delta.


havoc, you still want to swap countries? this place is all yours, believe me :)

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So, tonight, I had fired my AEG on semi to clear the breach and relax the spring. Later on, after charging the battery, I thought to myself, "better make sure the spring is good," so I plugged in the battery, popped it in semi and let a round go. A BB shot out of the gun, hit the wall a foot in front of me, hit the cieling, hit the way 12 feet behind me and hit me square in the back. I was shocked. I know it atleast dry fired in auto while I was shooting it earlier, and I hadn't put a magazine or anything into it since then.

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Two would have to be:


1. When the guy in the packed 30 person kit room who was loading a BB grenade and shot himself in the face with all 90 of the BB's. Ouch!


2. When playing on a friends stag night (day) and one of his guests (a total noob) dived into a bush and put his foot in a hornets nest. Watching him trying to run away was very funny and something like out of Benny Hill.



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I play a springer vs AEG battle really close to my house on a very steep hill. I ran for a tree close to him wiht my AEG and opened up on him. He misses all 35 rounds all full autto...lucky... slides down hill Hit tree trunka nd lyes in pain for 15 sec. I pull out my springer pistol and go running down the hill. Now where I live there is ###### loads of pinestraw everyware year round. I run hit a leaf and go sliding down the hill. I hit a trunk 20 ft away and open fire with pistol. All miss again... Load AEG open fire hit him with all 35 rnds this time...payback...He pulls out spring MP5 and hits me with 4 rnds in shoulder and leg. I procceed to pull out springer waste clip on him. He turns shoots me again with his pistol and I we end with me standing up pointing the pistol at my head point balnk and pulling trigger... I fall down the hill b/c it hurt BAD and fall into stream with all equipment on. Thank God I dropped both my guns and mags.



Post #100 YAY

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