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1.5-6x42 or 3-9x42 Scope


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I know 3-9 is the most popular magnification range for airsoft rifles (Or at least thats what I have observed) but would it be advantageous to use a scope with a lower range of magnification such as 1.5-6x?


I have searched around and found that most people simply say, "just get a 3-9x." But how many people honestly use 9x? I am thinking that lower power would be better...


I am just trying to figure out which magnification scope to fit on my rifle. (I am not in a position to "try before buy"...)




Edit: Just saw the thread below mine, which asks a similar question. Wonder why I didn't see it earlier? Still, any and all responses here are greatly appreciated!

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Agree with all the others here.


The only reason people opt for 3-9x scopes is cos it's the most common range available.


I'm actually interested to hear about this. I know you can get 1.5-6 x 32 scopes (Tasco & Simmons do them) but I've never seen a 42mm scope with 1.6x magnification other than very expensive Zeiss or Leupold ones.


Care to share with us the make and where you're getting it?

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1.5-6 would be more suitable for that. as i doubt you'd be shooting anywhere with higher than 6x mag. maybe the occasional shot or spotting with it. and if you need to spot or aim at anything higher than 6x you're probably out of range :P


unless you aim with high mag in closer ranges anyway

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