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K-line set on the IRC server

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What the burnt fruitcake is this?!

[22 Dec 06 22:19] ! *** You are not welcome on this server (Only connections from *.com/*.net/*.nl/*.co.uk are allowed.) Email Kline@Xombo.com for more information.

[22 Dec 06 22:19] ! ERROR : Closing Link: Mike_West[chello084010020238.chello.pl] (You are banned)

[22 Dec 06 22:19] ! *Disconnected*

Translating it from IT to plain English - around half of the users here just got screwed.

Xombo states nothing about the reasons of this situation on their home page, which takes the whole issue to a new level of faggotry. I mean, come on, suddenly they k-line 99% of the world, without any reason to do so? While claiming to host channels for MMORPG users "from around the world"? What kind of wankery is this?

Marlowe (since you're the "channel owner"), I think it's time to bail out of this pile of steaming donkey c**p.

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As a further update, it transpires that all IPs that do not resolve to a hostmask (eg blueyonder.co.uk in my case) are blocked. This has been done by the server staff (rather than our channel's staff) in what I feel is a rather misguided attempt to deny access to floodbots and spam.


As a result if your IP resolves to an IP rather than a hostmask, you are a bit stuffed for the moment, unless you contact your ISP and request a reverse DNS to be set up.


Obviously this is not an acceptable situation and as soon as I can get in touch with the server owner I will make this much clear. Whether any compromise can be struck I am not sure, but if not it appears that it may unfortunately become necessary to move the channel elsewhere.


Until the situation is sorted, I apologise profusely for the mess. Suffice to say it's the last thing I wanted to happen to everyone a day before Christmas.


Thanks. :)

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Hmmm, awkward IP block was dickwadry? Wait til you see this.

I sent them an email, here goes:

"This is ridiculous. Unjust. And racist. Your channels are frequented by people from all around the world, but suddenly, without any reason, you kline around 99% of internet users.

I hope this situation will be solved. SOON."

C'mon, banning nearly all and every nation, excluding Brits, Yankees and the Dutch, can be considered racist (though actually Dutch are most likely to complain about it). And Stephen Colbert's "The Wørd" for today is "Professional"


Professional - about customer service: keeping straight face and remaining cool even if the customer is a hysteric moron that doesn't know jack about what you are doing. An opposite of this is "working at Xombo".

Why? Because I got such a reply, which I'm quoting word for word:

yyou sorry son of a *badgeress* you dont sit there and tell me im racist you sorry

mother *fruitcage* and if i find out who this is i will ban your *albatross* from the

server for good

Well, captain Marlowe, I guess it's time to call ABANDON SHIP!

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