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MadBull's GemTech G5 Silencer

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MADBULL-GEMTECH G5 Silencer Review.



This year Madbull secured the rights to manufacture Gem Tech licensed products based on factual equipment made by the company. This is the first in a series of reviews on MADBULLS, Gem Tech licensed products that are hitting the market.


But first, a little information on who Gem Tech actually are. GemTech is recognized as the world leader in modern firearm silencer design. They maintain a staff of experienced designers and production engineers to bring you the latest in silencer technology for government, law enforcement, military and qualified civilian applications.


We start the series with MADBULLS GEMTECH G5 silencers.


The G5 Silencer was only released by Gem Tech this year and it didn’t take long for the MadBull team to make a perfect copy of it. Just like its real steal cousin it features the new “Quick-Mount” mounting system but we will go more into that later on in the review.


A little more about the real steal G5:


The G5 replaces the venerable M4-96D in a shorter, lighter, and more efficient package. It meets the requirements that the suppressor be quickly and securely attached to and removed from the weapon's flash hider without tools. The G5 suppressor not only meets, but exceeds SOCOM requirements in a physically small package that only adds 5.5 inches to the overall weapon system length.

So does the MadBull Airsoft version meet the same requirements? Let’s find out!




One of the things that always strikes me about MADBULL’s product is its packaging, while other companies seem to be going more in the way of visually impactive packaging, like the new Tokyo Marui boxes, MADBULL seems to be going for the simple approach and to be honest I prefer it. Made out of 100% recycled paper I have no issues on throwing it away and I’m also happy knowing that part of my hard earned cash hasn’t gone on the packaging!




Opening the box I was happy to see that everything was lovingly rapped in bubble wrap, so anyone shipping this out from Hong Kong needn’t worry about it getting damaged in the post. Sitting on top of the product was a nice calling card thanking me for purchasing the item and stating that the item you have purchased is 100% licensed. I especially like the part “If it’s not a MadBull, it’s a copy!”


As well as the calling card, you also more importantly get the GemTech G5 silencer and also the “patent’s pending” “Quick-Mount” mounting system which is in the guise of a 14mm counter clockwise flash hider.




The Flash Hider.


The first thing that jumps out at you when you remove the flash hider from the packaging is the feel of it and you can tell straight away it is CNC machined. It’s a large step from the standard flash hider that comes with the Tokyo Marui M4 and M16 variants. Upon comparing it to other 3rd party flash hiders I was more than impressed with the results.




Please note that the above two pictures were taken several weeks after the field test and it has been used in other games, so small scratches and blemishes to the finish are visable and were marked over with a marker for these pictures.


The installation of the “Quick-Mount” flash hider was extremely easy and anyone sober could install it on their replica. Remember though that it is a counter clockwise thread so it won’t fit certain 3rd party barrels like the G&P CQBR fluted barrels. It secures with a small worm nut that is tightened with a small hex key.


Another nice feature is that, it is a perfect copy of the “Quick-Mount” flash hider made by GemTech, so any realism nuts out there will be happy to know that real steal or imitation safety/blank firing muzzle caps will fit. As you can see I’m one of those types!



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The Silencer.


Now before I start on the silencer there are a few things you guys need to know, first off MadBull has made two types of the G5 Silencer, the Non-US version which actually has silencing capabilities due to the high compact foam inside it, and the US version that is a solid Aluminium tube.


Now the reason for the difference is because unregistered silencers are totally illegal in US, importing one will get you into a whole lot of trouble with the authorities as these are restricted items by the ATF.


M30) Are Paintball and/or Airgun Sound Suppressers NFA firearms?

The terms "firearm silencer" and "firearm muffler" mean any device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a portable firearm, including any combination of parts, designed or redesigned, and intended for use in assembling or fabricating a firearm silencer or firearm muffler, and any part intended only for use in such assembly or fabrication.


Numerous paintball and airgun silencers tested by ATF’s Firearms Technology Branch have been determined to be, by nature of their design and function, firearm silencers. Because silencers are NFA weapons, an individual wishing to manufacture or transfer such a silencer must receive prior approval from ATF and pay the required tax. See Questions M15 and 16 for application details.

If I have any further questions as to the classification of a paintball or airgun silencer, who should I contact?


Please send a written request to ATF’s Firearms Technology Branch.

[18 U.S.C. 921(a)(24), 26 U.S.C. 5845(a), 27 CFR 479.11]


This review is on the Non-US version that actually has silencing capabilities.


Now this little number weighs in at about 2lbs so it is a little bit weightier than your cheap Tokyo Marui silencer. Just like the flash hider the finish on the G5 is superb.




Another nice touch is the 6mm ammunition identification marking on the barrel, yeah this is real steal Airsoft! Apart from that all the other markings are identical to its real steal cousin.




Please note that the above picture was taken several weeks after the field test and it has been used in other games, so small scratches and blemishes to the finish are visable and were marked over with a marker for these pictures.


To attach the G5 to the flash hider is just even easier than attaching the flash hider, all you have to do is slot the G5 over the flash hider twist once for the two to line up, push and twist again.






Easy! No need to remove the flash hider and no need to line the threads up and worry about striping them. Just like the real thing! But will it be easy in the middle of a game where your pumped full of adrenaline, out of breath and need to switch over to your silencer to get those stealthy kills? We will have to wait and see.

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Field Report.


I decided to add the MadBull GemTech G5 to my M4A1 as this is one of the main weapons I use while playing in a RECON role for my team and more than not there is always the chance of that stealthy kill.




I decided to see if the G5 silencer really was a quick mount item in the heat of battle so I started the game without it attached. I stored the G5 silencer in a handy flashlight pocket on the breast of my Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E Recon vest, which proved later to be the best place to keep it.




We started the game with a simulated Helicopter fast rope insertion behind enemy lines and we needed to quickly set up a secure perimeter before moving out to a pre-planned location where we would ambush/intercept an enemy unit preparing to rotate back to the front. So far, so good.


We set off at a very fast past and the added weight from the G5 Silencer in my pouch was not noticeable. We found the location where we were to set up an ambush or encounter the enemy unit that was reported to be moving through this area. We decided to move out in search of the enemy and then lure them back to our ambush site.




Within 5 minutes we spotted the unit and we were lucky enough to get a few kills in before they got organized into an effect force and realize we were only a 6 man team. As we moved back to our preplanned ambush site the designated sharpshooter was hit and killed. We quickly decided that I would take the role. I decided to climb a tree (Now all I can say about Lanyards is that if you plan to climb a tree, Get one they leave your hands totally free to safely climb.) that would give me a perfect view of the killing ground we had selected and sure enough the unit started to move into it. My position was on the far left flank of our line and this is where the G5 Silencer would really come into effect.


As the unit was moving fast to catch us I needed to get ready real quick, the GemTech’s “Quick-Mount” system really worked a charm. Within second I was ready to lay some stealthy fire on the enemy unit that helped push them further into the killing ground.




Later on in the day I was able to use the G5 Silencer again when moving through Elephant grass where some enemy where hiding out. The Silencer enabled me to take them out one at a time without giving my position away to the remaining members of that unit.





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I have to give this item 9/10, it’s a perfect copy in every way of the actual GemTech G5 silencer and not only functions but works just like the real thing and at an average price of $69.95 its a lot cheaper than a lot of other trademarked silencers on the market.


I would like to see though, both Counter-clock-wise and clock-wise “Quick-Mount” flash hiders as well as being able to purchase them separately so I can move the G5 Silencer to my other Armalites.


The sound suppression also works wonders and I will hopefully get the equipment from work to gauge the noise levels with and without the silencer attached so you can see the audible difference, so keep an eye on this thread!


To finish up, I would seriously recommend this item to anyone looking for a silencer for either decoration use or practical use on the skirmish field.




• 100% Replica of the real GemTech G5

• Excellent price compared to other non-licensed products

• Easy to install, Damn easy to assemble on the field.

• Available to US residents (You must purchase US version though!)

• High quality machined parts

• Actually does what it’s supposed to do!

• Low cost packaging, so your assured most of the money went in to the product




• Plain box, so it won’t stand out on the shelf

• There is no Clock-wise version available yet

• Separate “Quick-Mount” flash hiders are not available as of yet.


Coming next:


MADBULL’s’ GemTech Talon with Trinity System.




I would like to thank Koijima-Kun from Team Setsuna for taking these pictures, I would also like to thank the Team at Madbull and Gemtech for answering my questions.

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i just have one question since i live in the us, is the us version exactly the same as the export version just without foam. or is it actually a "solid" tube with just a hole in it big enough for the bb to go through.

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From the product discription on Madbulls website it says solid tube, but I guessing its a hollow tube as it would weigh a whole lot more than the 2lbs as posted on thier site. You might want to ask Madbull directly in thier own section here on Arnies.



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will it fit mostly any gun? because i was thinking about adding this to my STAR SL8.


The Flash hider is a 14mm CCW thread, the flash hider is also based around the TROY design. So what you need to do is find out if your STAR SL8 has a 14mm CCW threaded barrel and if you want an M4/M16 style flash hider on the end of it???


I think you would be better off waiting for the review on the HALO silencer by MadBull.

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Negatory on the Troy design. If it is the Bi-lock replica it is of the A1 design. First I othught they had them with Vortex's and then I thought due to your pictures it was a YHM Phantom design. Well now it just looks like a completey unknown design to me. =/ (nice review btw)

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I got one coming and its the US version (I didn't want to pay $35 plus shipping for foam and maybe get itconfiscated by customs). and I'm wondering if there is any way to get into thee silencer to add foam to quite it down.

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Just wondering, is there any risk of BB's tearing into the foam? Or is that only likely to happen if you're hop up is over applied to the point BBs are making for Mars out the barrel?

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