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LPEGs, MPEGs, and other Chinese goodness!

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How easy is it to make a SOC 16 out of one of those, like would you chop the barrel, or just buy the whole barrel assembly in a SOC16 style.
Cyma will release their version of SOC16 this spring, I got this one confirmed.

Yup, same thing here. And if you ever dissasemble it, never take the plate off of the bottom of the grip. My motor slid down, and after trying it with the motor too low, it got burnt up. :(
Matt, either you're mechanically impaired, or I'm some sort of airsoft wizard. I had no problems with taking mine off.


Plus, this M4S-System looks damn cool. :D

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Sorry for the double post, I couldn't edit my last one.





Jieke M93r AEP


After removing a bit of material off of the nozzle, it feeds perfectly. Power and ROF are comparable to my Cyma CM.030s (a bit higher on both).

I probably won't use the stock battery, after read MANY stories of them venting under charge.

I'm quite impressed with it.

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Hey UK bods, where are you ordering your clones from? I've just started looking into getting one, wondered if there were any UK suppliers with a decent range or if you had to go through GunnerAirsoft or something.


I'm quite interested in the Warrior L96 myself...

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... yeah, he did. God help him, his life can now be measured in seconds until any female seeing that post catches up with him!


I have a spine, it's just that I value my sex life, especially since I'm not gonna be around to get any for the next four months! :rolleyes:


Enough spam, back to the topic...

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This one's got a little of everything in it but pretty much pure "ACM" (for "All-China-Made") as we like to call it:








Base gun was a generic copy of the TM M4A1 with a metal gearbox (the 'M' M4A1), front set and crane stock are from "LPEG" rifles with plastic gearboxes, accessories are chinese copies except for the SR16 styled rear flip which is TM and the sebone rail which is locally made.


The barrel measures 16 inches so guess what, it's in Recon Rifle territory! :D

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No, the blue tape was used in the Soviet era to show support for there country and the Communist cause. It is more often seen on full stocked weapons such as RPK's and AK47's. But, I used for milsom purposes and to keep my ghetto stock where in needs to be.


What are you smoking? It was blue because the most common electrical tape was blue... :waggle:

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already posted in the armalite thread but oh well





Blood, Sweat, and Tears into this A&K S-System along with Zeke Upper+CA Lower+KA G27 Grip+CA Full Stock+Various Internal upgrades..

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