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Marui Sig P226 Trijicon Night sights Mod

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I have replaced pretty much every part inside my P226 and although the Prime slide is special and I love it (despite not having a dissasembly lever detente ramp on the frame - see other topic by me) I wanted something to make the outside of my Sig unique.


I dislike covering my guns with non-functional tinsel so I looked for something functional.

I have a set of Hogue wraparound grips coming but a discussion in the P226 pictures thread got me interested in the Trigicon SG01 Tritium night sights for the real steel P226


Due to the Marui blowback mechanism screwing into the bottom of marui's standard sights and the frame not having dovetails cut into it I knew it would be tricky but I ordered a set anyway.


This is where I made my first mistake, I ordered the sights from Botach tactical. They were rubbish, there were problems with the payment, they wouldn't accept my card for overseas orders and then when I sent the money by bank transfer they didn't inform me it had arrived. They forgot to mention the charge on the transfer at their end meaning that there wasn't enough money left to cover the other item on my order.


I heard nothing for 4 weeks (I was on exercise so I was expecting the package to be here when I got back. Not.


I complained and they said the package was not able to be sent to the UK because it was a gun. After much arguing they wouldn't see sense that it was a little chunk of glowing metal. I even told them I didn't care if customs seized it, just send the bloody thing.


They wouldn't, they also wouldn't send it to Canada when I told them I would be there for 3 weeks, Bearing in mind my Canadian address was a Canadian army base.


Now I was ###### off, they told me they could send it to my friend in California's address, at last, (thank you El Greco) So I gave them his address and came back from Canada.


Only to discover - drumroll - The sights waiting for me in the UK in a package marked "Telescope components".


3 months elapsed. Avoid Botach at all costs - but you knew that.


So on with the Modification.


* Top left pic


These are the sights, they have a pretty standard dovetail and I was pleased to see that the rear sight had a hole in it to give it a little springiness to hold it into the dovetail, I thought I could use that to screw into but it isn't wide enough.


I did the front sight first


* Top right pic


The dovetail on the front sight is really shallow so I very carefully cut away some of the material with my needle files and the sight slid in without problems, nice and firm fit and I put a dab of superglue on the underside of the sight through the original sight's mounting holes.


With the front sight done I started on the rear sight.


*Bottom left pic


The dovetail on the rear is a lot deeper and the shape of Marui's sight is a lot more different than the difference between the front sights.

I used the same process though, cutting away material with my needle files, especially usefull is a shallow triangular file with one flat side to extend the dovetail towards the front and rear of the slide.


When it was fitted the scale of the problem screwing the blowback mechanism into it became apparent.


But it looked great


* Bottom right pic




Now I had to get the screw threads into the sight base.


Using my friend's Mill I cut into the base, you have to cut quite near the side of the sight so be carefull. * Top left pic. Then I filled the hole with epoxy, * Bottom left pic and filed the epoxy down to give a smooth finish * Top middle pic.

I replaced the sight in the slide, centralised it and scribed the position of the required holes.

I removed the sight and drilled into the epoxy using my dremel, * Top right pic


I didn't want to cut into the sight depper than the existing hole in the base of the sight so the retaining screws were now a little bit too long so I ground a mil and a half off the bottom of the threads * Bottom right pic.




Then I dusted the screws with powdered graphite to stop the glue binding and put a drop of superglue in each hole.

when I put the screws into the epoxy the superglue seeps into the slightly porus epoxy and hardens the threads but because of the graphite the screws can be undone without trouble.




All I need to do now is put a bit of paint on the exposed ally and fit the hogue grips.


And get a surefire W114 D torch


And a Safariland Holster




It never stops.


Hope this helps someone.




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looks awesome... I only wich there was a simpeler way.

All those modifications aren't for me :(.

S*ck at mechanics and material manipulation.


Nice result anyway! I envy you :)

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Just for kicks, do try running the pistol without the rear sight attached. You should find that it cycles just fine without the screws. Some pistols don't even have an equivalent method to hold the GBB assy in place.



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With the plastic slide that would work since the lugs on the blowback mech fit into the frame.

On the Prime slide it just slides in and I have very tight tolerances on mine due to the method I use to fit the slide to the frame so I'd rather not risk it.


Good call though.

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