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King Arms 110rds Magazine for Marui M14 (review)

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(pictures are at the bottom)


so when i ordered my new Marui M14 SOCOM, i decided to order 6 G&P midcaps along with it. i had heard that it had problems, but i figured that i would be able to fix them.

they came and i used them, and they stunk out loud. i decided that i didnt want to have to fix them, so i bought a box of the new King Arms 110rnd magazines for the Marui M14.


they came the other morning at around 11am. the box was ok, it had the product name and manufacture on it, and across the whole surface of it was a blury picture of an M14 on some gear.


i opened the box and was happy with how good they looked. they were only a slightly different color than the marui low-cap that came with my gun.


they were packaged in the box with cardboard accordion-style inserts, and it was a tight fit. i took them out and they felt amazing (for the fact that they are plastic). i thought that they looked and felt better than the MAG M16-series magazines that my friend had.


that afternoon, i took a couple out to my friends house to shoot 'em. i loaded them up with high-grade .25s and went out to shoot: feed, feed, feed, dry-fire, dry-fire, dry-fire, feed feed feed, etc. they almost had an exact pattern to how they fed. when i finally DID finish the mag, there were about 20-30 bbs that didnt feed at all. i was heartbroken. i was counting on these mags to work since i have a game this weekend that i've been hyped up for for the past two months.


i went back inside to fill them up with .2s, hoping this might solve the problem. again, i had the same horrible feeding pattern.


my friend dropped some oil in one of the mags, and still the same problem.


i found a piece of wood, put it in the bottom of the mag (they are built very similarly to the MAG magazines), hoping that it would put more tension on the spring. again, same feeding issues.


i put a longer piece of wood in. same feeding issues.


at this point, i was furious. i sent redwolf (who i bought them from) an email asking for help. this was two days ago, and i have yet to get a reply.


anyway, i had a MAG M16 series magazine lying around, so i thought i'd try switching out the springs. the MAG spring is actually a considerable amount longer than the spring in the M14 mags, and it also has a different head (the plastic thing that attaches to the spring and is what actually pushes the bbs out of the mag). i thought that this MUST be able to fix the problem. with a little effort, i crammed the new spring into the M14 mag. again, same feeding issues. i then switched the head to the original M14 head, same issues. i continued to put a piece of wood in the bottom, puting more tension on the spring. same issues.


at this point, i was about to give up. i figured that the plastic spring casing on the inside of the magazine must be too wide, and its not letting the spring move correctly.


i sat back on my couch watching the military channel. i kept loading a mag up, and then pulling the feed tab back and watched the bbs fly out, trying to get my "thinking juices" moving. as i watched the bbs spray out of the mag, it hit me: the problem was in the feed tab at the top of the mag (a real "dee dee dee") moment. i felt really stupid for not figuring that out sooner.


i took a file i had on hand and lightly scraped away at the tab. i probably removed a millimeter's worth of plastic. my hopes soaring, i loaded the mag up and shot the gun. first on semi, then to full auto. NO SKIPS! also, there was only one bb left in the mag after i was done firing - something i wasnt going to complain about.


so i did the same mod to all of the mags i had and had the same results: they now fed flawlessly. i was so excited that i'd be able to use these mags (not to mention my brand new M14) this weekend!


just for "*suitcases* and giggles" i tried the same mod to one of my G&P mags. when i fired it, i found out that it performed a LOT better. it still skipped toward the end of the mag, but overal, it was much better. could this mean hope to all you G&P mag users out there?


anyway, i would reccomend the King Arms M14 mid-caps if you're on a budget, have a tendancy to lose mags, like getting a lot for a little, and dont mind doing about five minutes of modding. now that they work, im pretty pleased with my purchase.


pic of the box



pic of the mags (i added the magpulls)



MAG mag and King Arms mag. the King Arms is actually a fair amount darker than the MAG one (although this pic doesnt do it justice)



How to file the piece down to get it to work



the part that you need to file



King Arms mag with Marui low-cap. in actuality, they're both about the same color, the flash just makes the Marui one look brighter.



Pic of my gun with the mag in it (yes, the basement floor is very dirty :P )


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The Saint: i thought about doing that too, but the mag halves are glued together, and i think that that's the only way that you can get to the spring on the feed tab. i didnt want to take the chance of totally destroying the mag, so i just decided to file the tab down.


Bullet: i think you're implying that it will not longer have the tension to hold bbs when you load them in. as long as you're carefull and only file down a small amount, i think you'll be ok.


will: without any modification to the G&P mags, my experience has been that the first 30 or so bbs feed fine, then it starts skipping. there are several articles floating around arnies about how to fix the problem. i heard that once you mod it, it can feed a lot better.

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I'm playing by a set of rules that specifies that only magazines with a capacity of 80 bb's or lower is allowed. When using MAG magazines there are a "port" in the bottom of the magazin that allows access to the "inner" end of the "spring tube". By putting a certain amount af bb's in there we are able to convert the MAG magazines to 80 bb's capacity.

Is there a similar hole/port in this magazine?

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not cum stains, animal ###### stains.


five cats

two dogs

three snakes

three lizards

and a turtle


thanks though!



also, i originally bought the G&P mags, but i couldnt get them to work for me. i tried almost everything. even my uber-geardo friend couldnt figure them out :P


so i sold them and got these. ended up losing a good $50 AT LEAST :P

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I just bought a box of these magazines yesterday from AEX San Diego. I went through four magazines at home, and only one of them didn't feed perfectly. It skipped one (1) bb in full auto, then fed the rest that were in the magazine. The last bb never feeds because the bb pusher isn't long enough to send the last bb out of the magazine.


I did not modify the magazines at all.


A friend of mine with an M14 was at my house, and he tried the magazines. No such luck for him. His gun feeds fine with TM standards. When he used the KingArms magazines, the first 30 or so would feed, then it would stop. He gave me the magazine when it wouldn't fire anymore, I popped it into my gun, and my gun fed every single bb (except for the last one, of course).


I have no idea why the magazines feed in my gun and not in his, but I've got 10 midcaps for $56. Not a bad deal if they work in your gun.


I should also add that a majority of my shooting was done in semi-auto. I'll go through more magazines in full auto later today and report back ASAP.

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i bought these mags adn recieved them today after school

man i was excited :P so i had barely stepped trough the door before i tossed myself over the box shredding paper :D . And i went outside to try them out in my tm m14 od stock, they were constantly missfiring :blink: that really ###### me of! coz here int finland where i live everything that has with airsoft to do is seriously overpriced...

i payed 80$ for these, so i was wondering, what kind of file did you use?

I wouldn´t wna waste anymore money.



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My brother just recently purchased a box of these magazines. Sure enough they didnt work out of the box so i busted out the ol file.


After filing the bb retainer tab every single magazine fed all of the bb's except for the last one.


I did however be sure to slap the magazines feed port side down on my knee after loading them up to ensure that the bb's arent jammed in the magazine.

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DAM Talk about a NECRO post huh...


I recently purchased the KA 70rds for my ECHO-1 MK14 ( EBR )

I too seem to be having a feeding issue, they fire fine on SEMI, but dont do a dang thing on AUTO.

the hi-caps that came w/ the EBR fire fine on AUTO, it's just these KA mags that are causing me a headache


Hoping this helps, thanx for the MOD

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