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Battery Care....

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Sure enough, the fuse broke.  So, either I need better fuses, or something with the newer battery just fries the fuse instantly...


Just a word of caution. There isn't really such a thing as "better fuses". Fuses are there for a reason. They protect your expensive piece of kit from bad things happening. If a fuse blows it isn't because it is poor quality it is because something has happened to make it fail. You need to find out what made the fuse fail and it wont be from the fuse quality.


You also need to make sure you replace the failed fuse with one of exactly the same size, type and rating. The end caps will tell you the current rating and type. If it has a "T" (for Anti Surge) or an "F" (for Quick Blow) in front of the current rating, e.g. T250mA of F1A, then make sure you get the same sort.


Also everyone with an AEG ought to own a digital multimeter of some kind and learn how to use it. They are dirt cheap these days and there really is no excuse, given how much we all spend on the rest of our kit, for not having one.  They make fault finding so much easier.


Hope this helps.

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Well, talked to the company and despite my descriptions and (rather shoddy pictures), they would rather I send it to them and then possibly have it repaired.  I kinda have the mindset that I would rather hire someone locally to do it at an event, even if in the end it costs more.  Plus, I doubt I'll be truly needing it anytime soon.




The one on the left is the new one.

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