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Trigger Happy Glock 17 Metal Slide Mini Review.

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Trigger Happy Glock 17 Metal Slide Mini Review.


Saturday January 13th was a happy day for Tokyo Marui G17 owners as Trigger Happy decided to release on to the market an Aluminium CNC slide, now rather than the usual powder coated version available for other brands and models the Trigger happy version is anodised blue/black like the real thing. The other nice detail is just like the real slide the extractor is a totally separate piece that needs to be inserted into the slide before the blowback and loading nozzle can be installed. This again is anodised the correct colour as the real steel counterpart.




The Set comes with Slide, extractor, outer barrel, recoil spring and guide rod. But for this high quality piece of kit you’re going to have to drop the cash, currently in Japan it is selling for around ¥16,870 JPY which in some cases is actually more expensive than the gun itself that sells new for around ¥12,000 JPY!


The quality of the set is to a very high standard and as you come to expect from high end kits comes with laser etched trades and markings. The colouring of the slide and extractor is amazing with that blue/black coating and the burned gold of the extractor. The kit has been perfectly designed to fit the Marui and required no filing or modification to fit and with a slight lubricant cycled just like the original slide. The spring has been chosen to maintain that fantastic snap that the original gave with plastic slide, only now you have the clunks and chinks of metal hitting metal.






Installing the slide was easy and anyone with a Philips head screw driver will be able to fit this although the extractor was a little fiddly to get into place and remain there while fitting. Also the insert for the front sight is different to the original and was redesigned to prevent it from getting snapped off that the original was documented to do with heavy usage by hardcore skirmishes (KSC also have this problem) But the problem with this is that it makes fitting the front sights very difficult and does require to slightly shave the area that slots into the slide itself.




Overall the slide is a superb addition to an already good replica and adds that extra bit of weight and realism for the hardcore purest out there. Also users of SERPA style holster will be happy to know that it has slightly smaller dimensions than the original plastic slide and thus is a little easier to holster and remove from the holster than the original but only slightly and it will take a while for the slide to wear a grove into the plastic holster.


To be honest, for players that want a cheaper version it might be worth you waiting for TW to release their version if they are, but remember you will still need a new spring for the recoil.





• Anodised finish

• Complete set (no hunting around)

• Separate extractor

• Blue/black finish true to 3rd gen Glocks




• Very pricey and in some countries cost more than the gun

• Fiddly to install the extractor

• Currently only available in Japan

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Your welcome, but i think if i was you i would hold back on purchasing this slide when it becaomes available as it is very expensive. I have no issue dropping $200+ USD on a full metal kit for say a P226 or the M1911A1 but just for a slie and barrel??????

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What gas would you be using>? with HFC134a no gun works in the winter here in Japan....unless you want a gun that fires with less FPS than you spittting the BB's


What if I am able to spit BBs that cause welts? :P

Nice mini review btw, any idea when the HK shops could have these in stock?

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Definitely on my to buy list. I've been a KSC Glock owner for years. The one thing that dissappointed me when I got the TM Glock was the feel of the plastic slide. It just felt much more plastic-y than some of the plastic slides on my other guns (like my Japanese KSC M1911, and my WA Infinity). So I'm really looking forward to this and I hope it comes out soon.


Question though... the serial numbers. Are those unique per set or are they all the same?

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so using this, the G17 should be able to take Green?


and if it does, what's the FPS?

Yes, and around 280-290 fps.


Then again, a lot of people run the TM Glock on green with the standard slide without problems.



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