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Embarrassing moments

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Today in English, we where reading about boring world of adverbs and my mind drifted off into thinking about how i would build my dream SR15, so when the teacher finally called on me to read and since I wasn't paying attention I exclaimed "SR15!" and the entire class laughed, even though they don't even know what an SR15 is.

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i was 19 in my local pub it was about 8pm been in since 12. me and my m8 had just got our bonus from work so we had a day in the pub. about 8:30 one of my other m8s come in he said to go out side in 5 mins. so i did he handed me a magic smoke some new stuff so i had bout half of it and was pretty child out.


about 20 mins later and about 3 brandys later i start feeling a bit ill

i was sat in the pool room and i remeber feeling hot and it felt like i started to sink in to the floor.


i thort to my self whooo hooo a whitey OMG i was right.


i remember saying to my m8 ferry quiertly help me!


and then £60 worth of cider larger jd brandy and bitter was up as i'm trying to run out the door.


the land lady was not very happy ad it was all through the pool room the door way and down the ramp.


it took me 3 weeks to get the face back to go in the pub and all she did whan i got in was call me a dikc slapped me on the back of the head and said what do you want to drink


the morel of the story is don't drink all day than smoke (its a killer for me)

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Well there could well be one coming up right now.


I'm shall we say otherwise engaged in the loo. (no2s) yes with my laptop :)


Now that my action is finished I reach around to find - -omg no loo roll. (S*it) pun intended. Now the problem lies within the fact that the new loo rolls are down stairs in the other bathroom and to get there I need to get down stairs and past 3 windows and an open back door (please no more puns). All of this of course why not covering my self in ........ need I go on.


7p's comes to mind here.

###### poor preparation provides ###### poor performance!


Now what to do.......................


It could well be very embarrassing.


As we're all friends here I thought I'd share my predicament with you. Some I know will find it very amusing.

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i was eating over at a friends house during the holiday, and i went inside to get a fork (we were eating outside). i was rummaging around the cabbinets but could not find where they kept the forks. i noticed a blonde girl (one of the guests) sitting in the house and asked "are you here much?" reffering to in the house. she replied "well, i actually go to school out of town-" at which point, without thinking, i blurted "o, no. i just meant here in this house... cause i need a fork." :P more embarrassing for her than me really.


it gets better though. a week or so before this my sister was going to go out to a movie with some friends. now, she knew my dad would not let her go alone with guys, so when he asked her who she was going with, she said... "o, my friend... she's a jewish girl.... her name is... um.... michelle gormazono" now, i dont know if any of you know anty jewish people, but they usually have pretty obvious names.... "gormazono" seemed like making up a name on the spot like "michelle smith", only being like "oooo, im gonna put a twist on it this time!.... michelle... gormazono." :P anyway, since then i have been making fun of my sister for coming up with such a stupid lie.


well, when i was telling the fork story to my friend, he said "o ya, that blonde girl you are talking about is michelle gormazono, your sisters friend."

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