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Stock update as of 21/01/07

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New stock in is as follow


Guarder 51 Inch Weapon Transport Case @ £39.00

Mil-Force 44 Inch Case @ £30.00

Systema Aero Cylinder Head (for Version 2 Gearbox) @ £18.99

Systema Area 1000 Teflon Cylinder for M16 (Full Capacity Cylinde @ £12.99

Systema Aluminium Piston Head with Metal Bearing @ £12.99

Systema Air Seal Nozzle (M16A2 & M4A1) @ £6.99

Devgru Communications Military Spec. Field Headset with Boom Mic @ £85.00

Systema M120 Spring @ £10.50

ICS Reinforced Aluminium Piston @ £14.99

ICS MP5 Series Cocking Lever (for ICS models) @ £6.99

ICS Verticle Front RIS Grip (Black) @ £14.99

HFC M199 Special Edition (Semi Auto,Full Auto, Full Metal) @ £100.00

HFC M199 Special Edition (Semi Auto, Full Metal) @ £95.00


All of the above is in stock and ready to ship

Please go to www.airsoftmart.net if you wish to purchase

Please feel free to email us as sales@airsoftmart.net if you have any questions

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