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Tanaka Works M1897


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Okay. I bought this .... Trench gun. I had it at home w/o shot for a week or two but because of work, I was not able to buy the gas.


Finally a few days ago I was able to get out of the work a bit earlier and bought HFC gas in a AS shop.


The first ever shot from Trenchie...click, clack..trigger ...bang...niiice

Second shot click, clack, trigger, bang...yooohouuu.af

Third shot click, cla...WTF... the second shotshell fell apart and the sealing stood in the space between inner and outer barrel and did not allowed to another shell to be loaded...Ok. After couple of minutes I was able to get it off.


Ok. Second round

Click, clack...trigger...silence...wtf wtf wtf...shot did not get out, shell stood in the breech and it was impossible to reloade. It did not move just a single mm...**censored**. After a while when trying to get inside I heard very silent...sssss...as gas was leaking from the shell...and after few seconds...bang.


Third round - first shell, jammed...but when I moved a bit the hammer back and forward I heard leaking gas and...bang. After this Trenchie started to shot very well and consistently. But sometimes shells fell apart in breeche but luckily all parts fell out.


1st question: Is shells´ falling apart normal? Would it be possible to glue the body, BB sealing O-ring and that "cap over O-ring" together? Or it has to stay movable?


2nd question: Have someone here ever experienced that kind of jam in breech, when you pull the trigger once, twice...etc. but hammer is still in a falf way and nothing happend. And after couple of seconds it shots alone?


Thank you for any idea you have.

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