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I'm in need of a winter project so I can keep busy.


I'll start off with a Cyma CM.028 for the donor gun. Here is a list of what will be added


Internally, I will strip down the gearbox to completely re-vamp it. Spare TM parts will be added, such as a piston, piston head, tappet plate and gears. Metal bushings will also be added. The wiring will be torn out and possibly replaced with a microswitch. Because of that, the selector plate will also have to go. With the selector parts gone, I can reinforce the shell for sustained firing, my plan is to bolt sheets of 1/8" aluminum on either side. The hop up unit will most likely be replaced and a CA 509mm barrel will be added.


The magazine isn't determined yet, I might make a box mag, or I could make an internal hopper, like a TOP M60.


The lower receiver will be heavily modded to fit the extra big gearbox. Most of it will be formed out of sheet metal and welded together. The upper receiver will be 100% custom made out of sheet metal. It will fold up to reveal the battery and maybe the internal hopper. The stock Cyma rear sight will be reversed and attached to the upper receiver.


Forward of where the upper receiver ends will be a solid block of aluminum, 1.5"x1.5"x2.5". Braces running from the block into the receiver will be required to handle the load. That load is the outer barrel and the gas tube, both will be keyed into the block. The outer barrel will be 1" steel tube and the gas tube will be solid aluminum square and rod. The gas tube connector will also be solid aluminum. The bipod will mount on the gas tube and will be free to rotate. The front sight will be from the Cyma, mounted on the barrel. The carrying handle will be steel and wood.


The stock will be made from a block of pine and will be varnished the match the first PKM in the picture.


I have already made some progress, today I mocked up the bipod. Granted, it doesn't look like the bipod in the picture, but it should work great. I still need to shorten the legs and weld some feet on. The barrel on my M4 is the same size as the PKM's gas tube, so here it is on my M4.


Note: The way it is mounted, it will fold forward, but it will fold backwards when mounted on the PKM.

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its been done, i dont think it was as accurate as the one you describe, but theres a thread somewhere, you could talk to the guy who made it


edit: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=92429

theirs looks great imo, im looking forward to seeing the results of your effort :)

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That one looks a bit odd, looks like a mix of a PKT (tank version) with some PK/PKM parts..



Did it come from Former Yugo?

It's definatly PKT based.. Though measurements will be the same, just smaller bits are different :)

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And how sure are you of that? Most converted PKT's were used there.. Just because it's a Russian PKT doesn't say anything :)

Weapons came to the conflict from all sides in all shapes and forms..


//EDIT: I meant the war there, not Yugoslavia as a country

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Theres been some changes to the original plan. The lower receiver will be 100% hand formed and much more accurate to PKM specs. I'm basing it off of a VLTOR prototype PKM receiver, because that is all I could find detailed pictures of, and because I like the trigger guard. The front sight will also be custom. Therefore, the only external AK parts will be the grip and the rear sight.


I've decided on magazine feed, based off of peoples complaints about the TOP M60's gravity feed. It will be slightly smaller than real steel and it will be based off of a M4 mag. The M4 mag will be backwards, so it will be much farther ahead of where an AK's mag would be, but right where a PKM box mag is.


I printed out pictures of the gun and dimensioned everything based off of mightyjebus's pictures. Thanks again

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I hate to post 3 times in a row, but theres been no replies. I'm on vacation this week so I'll be able to get a lot more work done. I'm starting on the lower receiver, I'll get some progress pics too.

Anyway, what I did two days ago:


I decided to machine the front sight instead of using a Cyma sight. The PKM sight is significantly taller than an AK's.


Another change to the plan:

The gearbox will have to be mounted very high in the receiver to line up with the barrel. Otherwise, it will be shooting out the gas tube. Anyway, I'll have to make a new, longer trigger to get it where I want it. There is a good side to this, now I can fit a huge heat sink in the pistol grip, below the motor. I've been thinking of ways to incorporate one and this seems to be it.

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The lower was hard to form, especially since I don't have a brake. Luckily, I found a steel 2x2" square tube and formed it around that. I still need to do the cut outs for the ejection port, gearbox and cocking handle. Those will have to wait until after I get a gearbox so I can align everything perfectly.


I also mocked the barrel assembly up. I still need to make the gas block, modify the barrel support and mount the front sight.

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