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SRC XM8 - Guide & Review

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I've had the chance to play around with one of these, and I was not at all impressed. Feels very flimsy (with creek - but have seen worse) and the stock had a lot of wobble vertically. But this could have been forgiven, and would have been if it was not for that horrable sight!

Didn't get to fire it off mind, so couldn't comment there, but it was big, bulky felt flimsy and wasn't very weighty. In all felt like a lump of plastic - which is what it is I guess lol. But if thats your thing... lol.

The US aren't going ahead with these anyway, last I read so if you want them for some future loadout you may want to hold out a bit longer... But I guess its something different eh.

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Which two pins are missing on the SRC XM8 that prevents the gun from having a solid front end platform?


with the pictures gone i can't point it out exactly.. but with the front end off, the one that holds the barrel to the upper receiver, and with it on.. the pin at the top of the handguard. These were both missing on mine, not sure if they were left out during manufacturing or what

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