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Begadi PRO V2 / V3 CNC Cylinderhead with two O-rings and Sorbo Pads

by Arnie

Begadi have their new v2/3 CNC cylinder head in stock and available for shipping now:

CNC machined cylinder head made of 7075 aluminum with two O-rings, for V2 and (V3) gearboxes. Designed in Germany.

– made of 7075 aluminum
– very precise and tight fit in the shell and cylinder
– Flow optimized design
– two O-rings for a perfect seal to the cylinder
– suitable for cylinders with at least 23.80mm inner diameter (e.g. FPS, Retro Arms)
– O-ring in the front area to reduce the load on the shell
– Special elongated holes prevent damage to the bracket
– Suitable for all common nozzles such as Maxx, EPES, SHS, Retro Arms
– 2mm Sorbo pads included
– Diameter for Gearbox: 23.5mm (V2 and some V3)

Sorbo and Piston: The scope of delivery includes two Sorbo Pads (50 ° green + 70 ° blue) with a height of 2mm each. This is used to set the AOE and also dampen the impact of the piston head. The pads are not glued here like with other manufacturers, but firmly inserted. We recommend using the 50 ° (green) Sorbo for all S-AEGs up to 2.0 joules. The 70 ° (blue) Sobro should be used for AEGs (fully auto) from 1.5 J. For V3 (G36, AK), please check your bracket in the shell, this may vary depending on the manufacturer. Please bring that this cylinderhead corrects the AOE and for this a piston with 14.5-15 teeth is required!


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