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TaiwanGun posts internal shot of CYMA CM.041G

by Arnie

TaiwanGun have added a new shot of the internals of the CYMA CM.041G which look pretty shiny!

CM.041G in the PLATINUM version impresses from the very beginning with its high precision, solid workmanship, rate of fire and reliability.

Today we present you its interior.

– The heart of the replica is a modern high speed motor with neodymium magnets and durable brushes
– a reinforced V2 gearbox, adapted to higher overloads
– precise electronic control system with MOSFET
– piston with a full steel jaw
– steel gears with a gear ratio of 13:1
– aluminum “silent” cylinder head set (piston head with bearings, double sealed cylinder head) spring guide with bearings


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