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Jia Dyi: Make your pistol to a SMG

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Jia Dyi have taken a look at Carbine Conversion Kits:

Honorable clients,
For an airsoft player, it is common to have more than one gun including different type, especially when you are playing in the field. And when you are getting a submachine gun, in addition to buy a whole new submachine gun, another way is to buy a Carbine Conversion Kit to upgrade your pistols into a SMG with an easy way. So here we present few options from different brands.

The CAA Airsoft RONI Pistol Carbine Conversion from King Arms, which there are three version: For Glock series, M92 series and P226. They are ergonomic designed and equipped with ambidextrous front and rear sling mounts, and large charging handle. Charging the weapon is easy and it is user friendly to both left and right-handed operators. It is integrated with a CNC machined Aluminum top and 2 slide rails for mounting accessories, and a Nylon Fiber lower rail to mount any forearm grip. The RONI is equipped with and adjustable 5 position buttstock, and features a spare magazine holder for faster reloading. The adjustable cheek rest on the buttstock is removable. The RONI Pistol Carbine Conversion includes a pair of flip-up sights, a detachable folding forearm grip and a charging handle.

RONI G1/G5 Glock Version, Compatible with:
WE GBB G17 / G18C / G19
Tokyo Marui GBB G17 / G18C

RONI-B M9 Version, Compatible with:
WE M9 / M9A1 GBB Series,
KJ Works M9 / M9A1 GBB Series,
Tokyo Marui M9 / M9A1 / Samurai Edge GBB Series

RONI SI1 P226 Version, Compatible with:
WE/KJ Works/Tokyo Marui P226 GBB series

SLONG Airsoft is a Taiwanese brand that manufacture quality products machined from CNC machine. They offer range of accessories of all kinds; solid and efficient internal parts make them recognized manufacturer in the world of airsoft.

The G-KRISS kit is with a light weight design, made of nylon fiber impact resistant plastic. The kit allows you to transform your GLOCK handgun replica into a long replica. Entirely in nylon fiber, and is equipped with an upper 22 mm picatinny rail which is intended to receive a sighting optic. In addition, both sides are designed with tactical guide rails for the installation of tactical supplies such as a laser, lamp or a handle. Also, there’s a stock tube compatible with most M4, AR15 and other stocks.

-Come with original SLONG “Ngel of Death” Stock
-Adjustable magazine tightness
-The front groove can equip with a spare magazine
-For WE, KJ, Tokyo Marui, VFC, GLOCK series
-Can be used with SLONG G-KRISS XI
-G-KRISS XI is also compatible with Hi-Capa series

And then let’s look at the SMG Conversion Kit from SRC that launched in early 2020. This kit is made of polymer and is designed for use with the SRC SR92 GBB Pistol and most other M92 GBB pistols, but does not feature a full-auto function.

The set includes all the necessary mounting and setting screws for aligning the replica pistol. The housing has a long Picatinny rail running almost the entire top part of the conversion until the ends of the kit, which there’s an adjustable stock with 3 settings. The unit has QD sockets located on both sides, below the stock adjusted button. And there are further tactical rails at the front for your other tactical supplies, one on each side and one at the bottom.

The whole set works properly, without jams and blocking the slide. The level left side is used for pulling the slide back. The outlet opening is considerably enlarged for the purpose of using a silencer on the gun, a significant part of which will remain inside the housing. The quality of workmanship does not raise any abjections and there are no visible molding marks.

If you are interested in the above products, please contact local legit dealers first or keep Jia Dyi informed at sales@jiadyi.com, if there’s any more curious, or want to share any of your ideas with us, welcome to contact us as well, we can also provide you suggestion & information that you need.

Jia Dyi

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