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by Arnie

TaiwanGun have posted a review on YouTube of the CYMA CM045A by AATV.

The reviewed replica can be found at the link: https://bit.ly/3qQyPcg

DESCRIPTION CM.045A is a replica of the AKS74U Russian carbine. The new series of replicas from the series 040, 045, 048 which shows the next quality level among Chinese manufacturers. Body, flash hider, top cover, and the folded stock has been made of steel (bent sheet).

The remaining elements such as the outer barrel, gas block, the base rear sight, and side rail were also made of metal ( ZnAl).

– The hand guard is made of wood
– The pistol grip and magazine is made in nylon.
– The latch of the stock, which is the part exposed to easy breaking, has been made of steel, thanks to which the fault known from DBKi’s RK models has been eliminated.

All parts are mounted on pins like in a real AK. Inside there is a reinforced ver.3 gearbox, steel gears are mounted on reinforced 7mm bearings. The spring guide is reinforced (metal) together with the bearing, which makes the spring work easier – 120m / s spring, giving a shot force of about 410 FPS. Polymer piston has metal teeth and the cylinder – type “1” – was covered with black nickel “SMOKED” on the copper substrate providing perfect smoothness of the surface. A huge advantage is the silent piston and cylinder head set, made of aluminum and covered with a blue anode,the piston head has bearing. The replica has a powerful engine with increased torque equipped with neodymium magnets. The way how gearbox is functioning will surprise a user. The most important think, is that all accessories from other brand are compatible with this model, this influence on the longevity of your replica and on upgrade part and performance.

Set Included: * replica * accumulator stick 8,4V 1200 mAh * charger * magazine hi-cap 525rd

Every replica pass initial check up. It`s being checked and overshooted on XCORTECH X3200 chronograph. The recommended battery with the highest safe voltage for this replica is -11.1V. If you decide to reduce the power, be sure to not use batteries with a too high voltage – 9.6V NiMH is recommended, and in the case of Li-Po / Li-Ion – 7.4V. Otherwise, the replica may be damaged, which will not be covered by warranty repair! Remember that the warranty covers only replicas in which the spring was not replaced with a stronger one, and no batteries with a higher voltage than recommended were used.

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