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Dytac OMG GEN 3M AR Folding Stock Adaptor videos

by Arnie

We have mentioned the OMG adapter before; however Dytac have posted a new video of their OMG GEN 3M AR Folding Stock Adaptor being tested fitted to a Tokyo Marui MWS System F4 Defense F4-15 Prototype GBB and one of it fitted to a VFC HK416A5 GBB.

Folding Stock Adapter Compatible with AR Platform GBBConstructed by Steel and T6 Aluminum, QPQ Finishing On the Steel Parts to Provide The Most Durable and Hard Coat Anodized on Aluminum PartsPackage Provided 2 x Bolt Extension to Fit The Most Popular GBB Spec16.7mm Bolt Carrier Extension fits Tokyo Marui MWS, latest VFC M4 GBB, VFC HK416 GBB (not HK416A5)15.5mm Bolt Carrier Extension fits VFC forged CNC bolt carrier series GBB, VFC SR16E3, and VFC HK416A5Also, 2 sizes of Thread Flanges Included fitting both MWS / VFC Buffer Tube Threading.Sorry, we do not have any version to fit GHK at the moment.


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