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RA-TECH Custom SCAR-SC L GBB (WE system) LV3

by Arnie

So it went up yesterday (April 1st) but.. it’s not an April fools. Checkout this video from RA_TECH showing off their custom SCAR-SC L based on the WE gas blowback system. Sadly can’t insert the video as YouTube has age restricted it but you can follow the link or click the image below.

Priced at 900USD and available from Airsoft Taiwan (AST) the custom piece includes:

  • Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 180 MM
  • RA WE SCAR L Steel CNC Bolt #198
  • RA WE SCAR L Steel Hammer
  • RA WE SCAR L Steel Sear
  • RA WE SCAR L Steel Trigger
  • RA WE SCAR L Valve Locker 
  • RA WE SCAR L Firing Pin Base
  • RA HOP UP Rubber
  • RA-TECH Magnetic Locking NPAS plastic loading nozzle set type 3

On this day..

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