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Marushin announces M2 PDW

by Arnie

Marushin have announced the M2 PDW which is now up for reservations. Based on their previous GBB mechanisms and the new M1 revision also released at the same time (the M1 EXB), this cut down version is very similar to the Inland Motor Patrol Pistol (M30-IMP).

The PDW has an MLOK styled front rail section and appears to be sold in two versions including the FDE version with a stock and silencer. Magazine capacity looks to be 24 rounds.

This is the new model of M1 carbine that we introduced yesterday … What! Orders will start from today!
Its name is ☆ M2 PDW ☆
Fully automatic reproduction of the M1 carbine custom gun announced at the recent SHOT SHOW!
We will also resell the improved M1 carbine!
Please see the image for details
For reservations, please contact our product dealer


On this day..

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