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TGC ABA vest replica back in stock at CRW

by News Fairy

CRW have the TGC ABA vest replica in stock:

TGC ‘s one of the most demanded tactical vest is now available again after 10 years. We also offer an Button Marking upgrade option to make it closer to the legit vest. Pay extra 20usd to get 4 extra Marking on both chest pouch’s button ‘PULL THE DOT’

Navy Seal ABA Tactical vest replica package 2021 by TGC

TGC ABA vest is 100% true to genuine ABA design and material. Good quality replica of the famous 90s VBSS team ABA vest. If you check all the navy seal team photos in the 90’s. You will see this vest with different kind of pouches. At April 2021 TGC produces this ABA tactical vest package with mp5 and M14 panels. VBSS team usually use Mp5 as assault weapons and M14 on the Helicopter as sniper support. You can still put m16 magazines into m14 panels.

 The vest package:
-2 X Mp5 panels (hold 6 mags)
-2 x M14 panels (hold 4 mags)
-1 x Thin chest pouch
-1 x Thick chest pouch
-1 x Large Backpack

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